Minor UI Bug

Title: Skin Selection Bug
: Dashboard
: -
Steps: ?
: As visible on the screenshot, it was impossible to select the classic Blackpaw skin this game. (Happened on a newly rolled key, right after playing a survival map, (un)fortunately I was unable to reproduce this bug).


  • I had this once yesterday.
    But on my occasion blackpaw's second skin was over lapping half the third skin. It was cancelled if you changed hero and returned.

    Don't know how to trigger it. Maybe changing heroes quickly when entering the lobby.
  • need help when I go to the game knocks out the sign de Stink-ay crying and write Oh! It seems that before your computer there were the orcs and made a defeat there!
    Send us a report on the problem, so that we could extort them to exterminate these creatures further.
  • file:///C:/Users/ааа/Desktop/Orcs%20Must%20Die!%20Unchained.png
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there @DiCher ! Could you please submit a ticket with our support here: https://orcsmustdie.com/#!/en/support/contact-us? They will be able to look into your specific issue and hopefully help you with the problem. :)
    German Community Manager
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