BUG: Yi Lin in Chaos Trial

Raziel86Raziel86 Member
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At first, sorry, my english is bad.
I played some rounds with Yi Lin. In the normal survial mod all workes great, but in chaos trial her ultimate attack does no damage.
Have someone else this problem or maybe only I?


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
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    Hello Raziel86,

    Thank you for this report! Our team is aware of this issue and will look into it asap!

    By the way, I moved your post to "Bugs & Technical Issues" ;)

    French Community Manager
  • If you were wondering it was caused by banned gear.
  • Yeah I think I saw a stream where Tempest Strike did no damage when the "no gear" modifier was enabled. 
  • Same thing happened to me.  got the no gear mod and suddenly E doesnt work. She just dances, but does no dmg. Robot owes me a RL key.
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