Questions about coin earnings and combos

Recently I've started earning so much coin in some maps while playing solo that I hit the trap cap or run out of spots to build in.  There are a two obvious things I've done to increase my budget:
- Putting Stamped Parts in Barricade to reduce the cost by 20%
- Using both Big Spender (+250 coin at the start of each wave) and Making it Rain (+30% combo coin) traits; previously I only used Kidnapped a Leprechaun (+500 coin at start of match)

However I don't think these can directly account for all of the difference I'm seeing.  So I'm wondering what things might affect coin earnings?  Combos I know of but they don't seem that big; I usually only get something like 3000 combo coin earned in the final report.  Do minions give more coin if they are killed quickly, i.e. is it beneficial to move my killboxes closer to the gates?

On the other hand, when I'm playing with my friends it seems we collectively get much less coin than I get alone.  This seems counterintuitive as two or three players have a much larger variety of traps than one, so there should be more combos.  On the other hand enemies have more HP and don't die to traps so easily; especially with three players they can often push through the killbox and we have to kill them with our heroes.  But as per the after-game report the missing combos should only account for maybe 2-3 traps worth of coin, and I'm seeing a deficit on the order of 20-30 traps.  I don't have exact numbers on hand unfortunately, but I'll collect some the next time I play.

As for combos, how exactly are combo points calculated?  I know each different trap and hero ability adds a combo point, but how long do they last?  Are tar traps actually counterproductive for combos since they make enemies reach the next traps slower (and thus deplete previous combo points)?  I found a post that said that different damage types would add combo points too, so elemental traps of different elements would add two points each; should I try to use all different elements in my deck instead of building themed decks?


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    *EDIT*ed some parts after further testing to avoid misinformation

    Combo Coin can make a huge difference, I've been testing it lately and I could get over 8k coin just in Rift Lord's Baths, actually, I think I've taken a couple of screenshots, here:

    Should be the first one on the left, managed over 20k combo coin out of Frostbite (Rift Lord) chaos trial, can't remember the tier, though I'm sure it wasn't t1 and it was definitely lower than t7, and I was playing solo.

    Regarding your questions:

    -Combo points expire after a few seconds.

    -Your traps have to be active (contribute to combos and kills) in order for you to get the extra coin (when in a party, I think)
    *On a note, consider bringing subsidized parts, they are generally the better choice, the starting coin generates even more coin on later waves, not to mention, it's "per player" so it can make a huge difference in parties, I have many installed and I always start with a minimum of +2k coin.

    -A combo point is calculated per number of traps that hit the mob + the combo generator part; for the example mentioned above I'm rather sure I was using:
    -Wall charger
    -Viscous Tar
    -x2 Spike traps per "cycle"
    -Fire Spitter on the opposite side of wall chargers where possible
    -Dragon Lance (not maxed out so no, it didn't have combo generator, which is otherwise the best choice for it because other trigger parts reset its chargeup animation, resulting in the trap never activating)

    I was using Midnight and only acting for minions that got through killboxes, so it wasn't providing a consistent extra combo.

    I used scorcher so it would hit both the spike traps, where minions were still affected by the Viscous Tar (which is its utility), so they were getting consistently killed while affected by multiple traps

    This method may be less effective at earlier stages because, basically I had everything but Dragon Lance maxed out, and literally all my traps had a Double Spring.

    For those wondering, each hero skill provides a different combo point, so +1 from autoattack, +1 from second ability, +1 from 3rd and so on, note that some upgrades provide slows, stuns and dots, those usually provide +1 combo.

    Also, I think I read somewhere that throwing mobs should temporarily stop the combo-expiration-timer.
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  • -A combo point is calculated per element type and number of traps that hit the mob, so a max amount of +1lightning +1arcane +1burn +1physical +1ice then there are effects like stuns and slows (but I'm unsure wether they provide 2 or 1 combo, probably just 1), +x number of traps that hit the mob recently, and the combo generator part

    This sounds like the combo points from elemental hits don't expire.  Did I interpret it correctly or do they expire like other combo points?
  • Yup combo is the key for much more coin generated.
    Combo point will be given when the minion is affected by the trap (I.E. On the tar / On fire by Brimstone / On Grinder / On  Dragon Lance's A.Armour Breaking effect / be hit by spike) and about 4 sec after the effect is over. (Thus traps have long lasting effects are better for combos)
    Specially mention the Floor Scorchers, if minion be set on fire by it then be flipped, that's 2 points. 

    Combo point is given by each trap type, not each element type. I.E, Brimstone(fire) + Fire Cracker(fire) = Brimstone(fire) + Ice Shard(Ice) = 2 combo points. Also on fire by Brimstone and on fire by Fire Cracker will stack since they are different Trap Type.

    If you put the "Combo Generator" on the right trap(concussive pounders), it might give +1 combo points.
    Hero can give 1-3 points, though I've no idea how exactly it works.
    Guardian worth 1 point on hit, except Deckhand is 2 points.
    Each damaging gear type give 1 point, each environmental trap type give 1 point.

    I think basically there are 2 reasons you get less combos when you're on multi-playing:
    1. You guys have not co-op properly to build a sufficient kill-box towards "Combo-generating" (you only got about 4 sec for On-Hit traps, and about 4 sec + traps effect lasting time for those long lasting traps, also if you put too much damaging traps at first then the minions won't have chance to be affected by multiple trap sources)
    2. You guys have not wait and kill minions while they are inside the kill-box (either kill them before entering so no point yet to generate, or when they exit the box where most combo points are expired)
    Otherwise, 3 deck of different traps definitely will generate much more combos than a single deck.

    Can't say Subsidized parts are better than Stamped Parts. It really depends. Basically you want Subsidized on much cheaper traps, or expansive traps such as summoner trap which you won't use right away, or GWB you know you only need less than 4 of them. Otherwise Stamped Parts will be a better choice.
  • KenBear said:

    Can't say Subsidized parts are better than Stamped Parts. It really depends. Basically you want Subsidized on much cheaper traps, or expansive traps such as summoner trap which you won't use right away, or GWB you know you only need less than 4 of them. Otherwise Stamped Parts will be a better choice.

    Wrong about summoner trap
    Summoner trap's base cost is 2000 (x2 limited per player)=4000
    -20% stamped parts=3200
    -10% subsidized parts=3600-500=3100

    Also, what I meant to say was: the early coin gets invested towards more combo coin.

    Unless you're planning to seriously spam a trap like there's no tomorrow (so maybe ballistas or BB rollers), subsidized parts is generally the better choice.
  • On many maps I build three barricades in the first wave, sometimes four, so subsidized parts would only leave me with 100-200 extra coin for the initial build.  During the course of the map I may end up building 15+ barricades (though some maps take much less) so I'd say stamped parts is the better choice here.  For less plentiful traps though I agree that subsidized would be better.
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