New idea: upgradable gears

Dear developpers,
In the game, we mostly use only a few of the gears available: i litteraly use 4 of the 12 gears available!
In game, i once decided to pick flame bracers for a change, and i came out with new ideas for the gear, added with a couple more ideas,here they are:
So the gears would have a total of 3 tiers, meaning that they will now need to get multiple elements of them in order to upgrade them just like the traps system, allowing to buy gears on the premium shoppe as well.
first tier is the gear on it's own, no change to it
second tier is a change that adds a small, yet practical adding
third tiers adds new functionnalities to the gear

Here are the Gears:

Arcane Bubble Blower:  Tier 1: normal arcane bubble blower
                                  Tier 2:  more damage, smaller re-fire rate (2-3 less seconds)
                                  Tier 3: applies stun to the minions hit by the explosion for 1 second

Fire wall bracers :  Tier 1: normal fire wall bracers
                           Tier 2:  longer duration (1.5 seconds longer) less mana cost
                           Tier 3: applies slow to the minions crossing the wall (30% slow as long as the minion is on fire by the gear's burn duration)

Flame bracers :  Tier 1: normal flame bracers
                        Tier 2: more DPS, longer burn duration (1 more second)
                        Tier 3: flame pierces target, burning 4 more minions (total of 5 minions touched by the flame)

Freedom Trinket :  Tier 1: normal freedom trinket
                           Tier 2: less re-fire time (6-8 less seconds) longer control effect immunity duration (+0.5 seconds)
                           Tier 3: automatically uses the freedom trinket when the hero suffers a control effect, has a separate re-fire time than the                                         one used normally (12 seconds) 

Gnomish repair kit :  Tier 1: normal repair kit
                             Tier 2: smaller mana cost
                             Tier 3: the shot can trigger multiple traps around a really small explosion (perfect for small traps, and allows to shoot less                                          precisely)
Ice Amulet :       Tier 1: normal ice amulet
                        Tier 2: smaller mana cost
                        Tier 3: shoots 2 more projectiles to make a "+" shape (or just wider "_" shape)

mage's clover  :  Tier 1: normal mage's clover
                        Tier 2:  smaller re-fire time (10-15 less seconds)                       
                        Tier 3:  effect is not cancelled upon taking damage

mage's picnic :   Tier 1: normal mage's picnic
                        Tier 2:  smaller re-fire time (10-15 less seconds) and longer duration (+2 seconds)                      
                        Tier 3:  bigger radius and bigger mana regen/second (+12 more mana/sec)

Mending root  :  Tier 1: normal Mending root
                        Tier 2:  smaller re-fire time (10-15 less seconds)                       
                        Tier 3:  effect is not cancelled upon taking damage

Ring of last stand :      Tier 1: normal ring of last stand
                                Tier 2: smaller re-fire time (8-12 less seconds)
                                Tier 3: doubles immunity duration and grants a shield worth 30% of the hero's max health for 5 seconds at the end of                                              the immunity
Ring of storms :  Tier 1: normal Ring of storms
                        Tier 2: bigger duration (+2 seconds) and bigger radius (+0.5 radius)
                        Tier 3: max targets increased by 2 (max targets becomes 5)

Teleportation ring :  Tier 1: normal teleportation ring
                             Tier 2: smaller re-fire time (8-12 less seconds)
                             Tier 3: hold "use" key to choose a teleportation location on a guardian spawn or rift
                                       (map appears and shows all the points the hero can teleport to)

Hopefully this idea could see the day, allowing to have more variety on the gears used by the players.

Thanks again for this awesome game! I'm looking forwards to the future of the game!


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi Brasegapok,

    Wow! That's what I call a suggestion :) You're making some interesting points about Gears. I will share your ideas with the team, but I'd also love to hear what other players think of them!

    French Community Manager
  • cyberfailzorcyberfailzor Member
    edited November 2017
    Even MORE levels and upgrades when all they do is literally dividing the community? No, just... no, please don't, and I'm saying this from a lv97 that has almost everything maxed POV.

    Aside from that, most of your suggestion would break the game, aoe stuns? mass resets? spammability? Sitting on the rift or running mage's picnic (even just the old version) or playing cygnus would be too much of an advantage, I agree that some gear deserves rework but this is a bit of an overkill, I'd stick to redo the least used items.

    -restricting Ice Amulet's spread for more consistent freezes and damage.
    -Ring of Last Stand's duration definitely needs a boost, it's gotta be at the very least 5s.
    -Arcane Bubble Blower doesn't deal nearly enough damage, is too situational, small, hard to hit with, it just doesn't cut it, also, its use feels rather clunky, I know it's a mini version of Stinkeye's skill but... eh (I don't use Stinkeye's much either, because its auto makes up for it, it may grant combo but... eh).
    -Fire Wall bracers are kinda hard to aim, I mean, there is other gear that requires camping but just having to aim for it, or switchtin to it kills its dps purpose compared to any other hero skill, if anything, it's just an extra combo point and nothing else.
    -Freedom trinket's just plain useless, there's no pvp anymore so I really can't see myself using it, ever, maybe it could have a functionality if it reduced any kind of control on you by %duration, passively, just think about the camera lock and dance celebration on Chaos Trial.

    Any of the non-mentioned items feel fine to me, they have a place, albeit situational, I see myself using them for varius reasons.

    As a tip to devs, make it so they are situational but do have a place, either spammable as to compliment specific builds or long cooldown with strong situational effects, like:

    -Some kind of Bloodspike's instakill button at 60s CD.
    -a gear that heals and grants invulnerability to all barricades on map for 3s at 80s.
    -a speed boost gear (+50% 10s), man would I love that on Hogarth or Bionka, even at 60s CD.
    -a passive +15-20% speed.
    -a passive +15 armor or damage reduction passive.
    -spawn a small helper/s like Blackpaw's at 60s CD.
    -Permanent items that deal small dot aoe/aoe effects to be placed on killboxes (slow/burn/arcane debuff/self-replenishing non-self-triggering boom barrel), reclick to move to location.
    -mini aoe stun at 40s (like max's regarding functionality).

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  • apinapin Member, War Mage Founder
    Teleportation ring Tier 3 should left slowing or damaging area like Dobbin's dust. Teleportation into rift is usefull in most maps ;)
    First and only CZ&SK funsite of OMD series

  • @cyberfailzor Yes i know i have suggested some broken gears
    i just wanted to share a base idea to a new concept, asking some rework on them, example: the 1 second stun on the arcane bubble blower feels too much like stinkeye, maybe just making ennemies slower before the explosion occurs in order to touch more ennemies would be better? 

    and since the gears drop rate felt kinda low when i didn’t have them, i think it would just require less items as a result.

    some of your ideas are great!
    for the speed problem, just play speedpads, it solves easly the problem ;-)
  • @cyberfailzor Maybe for the fire wall bracelets, adding a preplaced vision  like tundra’s or deadeye’s skill would help quite a lot, and please make it rotatable so we don’t have to be in front of the minions!
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