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instead of having parts clutter chest loot table they should be like abilities you unlock and once unlocked(can lower the drop rate to offset), you can use them as you wish. the chests need to have skulls currency added so people can chose to either buy them with money or buy them with in-game time(skulls).


  • Well, this is why the gib system is there.
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    Well, this is why the gib system is there.
      gibs are only after youve maxed a trap out (and only if you would get cards for a trap at T7) this is for the process leading up to that point i should have the option to buy with time regardless. knowing how many traps there are (how many cards it takes to lvl them) and how strong the RNG is with a diluted loot table. it would also help progression much better than waiting till you are pretty much at the end. feels like gibs were not well thought out. we were looking for a way to lessen the already ridiculous RNG in the chest loot table and a simple solution is to let us buy the chests with skulls, and to also make the parts like the guardians and equipments (1 drop and out of the chest).
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    Well, this is why the gib system is there.
    I keep getting duplicate parts out of gibs chests so... I don't think it's working.

    What would work would definitely be an unlock system, as mentioned, as a reminder think of OMD2, which had unlocks, it worked.

    GuildWars 2 has a "trait" system that is very similar to how our traps work if you thought about it, it's a tight and clear interface and for those who didn't know how it worked, here it is:

    There are 3 Minor traits, unselectable (always on because there are other trait lines selectable) and 9 Major traits, selectables in groups of 3 (you can pick one out of 3), so kinda like this:

                   O                          █                           O           
    ▲           O            ▲          O            ▲           █           
                   █                          O                           O           

    ▲: Minor trait
    O: unselected Major trait
    █: selected Major trait

    Each trait has its own image with explanation on-hover.
    "Skill points" are spent towards unlocking the skilltree (traits, unlocking first the upper line so as to access the cheesier build (a full build, so nothing to sneeze at) at first, then middle and lower line (more situational builds).

    Now, those traits would amount to 6 bonuses, remind you of anything? (6 tier upgrades).

    "Minor traits" could be our "Damage" upgrades

    Our traps have 3 upgrade slots, each usually has about 3 options available anyway, so this layout would look clearer, tighter and allow changes on the fly from the loadout selection, possibly, THEY've used it (GW2), OMD2 kinda used it (wasn't implemented quite like this, more of a perk system as seen in standard tower defense games), it's intuitive and it just works.

    Also, it'd refocus our attention towards unused parts/rebalancing/cleaning, I think that, more often than not in videogames, less is more.

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  • The gib system needs to be expanded anyways.  It wasn't introduced too long ago, and I already have every thing in the gib store unlocked.  Sitting on thousands and thousands of extra gibs.
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