Pause for Sabotage?

I realize its 6 players and no one wants to be randomly paused cause someone on the opposing team presses a button, but while I wouldn't use it often I'd find it super helpful every now and then to be allowed say a 60sec maximum pause for when there are extenuating circumstances (my husband burned his hand mid match, my teammate got bug kicked for "inactivity" mid play even though he was actively playing)

Thanks for your consideration


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello ElaMonster,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding a pause in Sabotage. I moved your post to the Suggestion Box and I'll share it with the team. And if other players want to comment on this idea, don't hesitate ;)

    French Community Manager
  • it would feel like a nightmare to unpause, plus there might be trolls that will abuse that pause option, pausing the game for no reason and making everyone loose it's patience.

    maybe with an agreeing option, where the side of the team that needs a break has to confirm the pause option to be valid (but there are still 1 v 1 games)
    to pause or unpause i imagine it that everyone needs to set itself ready (i imagine it with a key to use (Z maybe, though it's used for go breaks and might be checked when unpaused, making the go break a no-go break)

  • I know on my keyboard I have a pause button that works as a hot key on survival mode, but perhaps not all have that. Probably would need a countdown to resume like when a wave starts?  And maybe no one would be able to control when game resumes, it would be a set 60 second timer?
  • If a pause feature is added to Sabotage, the un-pause needs to allow all players to confirm/agree to the unpause or it runs the full 60 seconds (or whatever the time limit is). If a game is paused, everyone should have the opportunity to refresh their drinks/snacks, use the restroom or whatever without one or a few people starting the game while they are AFK.
  • @Berninhell I totally agree :) Having a countdown timer that no one can change would make it least likely for people to be able to use pause to throw off opponents or to troll.
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