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    1. Numbers can lie as my post proved.

    2. Comparing the brimstone and floor scorcher it is clear that from the numbers in game that the scorcher is clearly better than brimstone in nearly all circumstances. But i'm not here to prove that brimstone is best just useful.

    3. Brimstone can still be used since two floor scorchers just apply the same effect twice and they can't stack. Neither stacking damage or combo so putting more than one facing the same place is a waste. In trap room you will probably need another trap to place. So v. tar and floor scorchers won't make a good trap room by themselves. So brimstone would make a great addition.

    4. Just looking at the Brimstone working it is clear that 0.13 charge regen is wrong. Since just looking at it and counting for 7.8 seconds it is clear that it fires more than once.
    1. Your post proved you're using outdated information as source, instead of actual in game stats.

    2. Let's keep this constructive, I just want to avoid misinformation, that's all.

    3. You're stating the obvious here, also, any trap can produce a combo point for that matter, even if I built everything accounting for fire (so generators, HAT and naphtha sprayer) it'd still be subpar to a lot of stuff, I get that it's the only way you can produce higher combos with floor traps but you gotta kill the mob to earn the combo and it's unrealistic out of an organized party exclusively dedicated to combo building, and then again, the problem just pops up again, it's just a combo point, overpriced at that, I think.

    4. I've literally taken a video with fraps and it shows I'm correct, to build 5 charges/0.13 charge regen per second=38.5s so /5=7.7s
    Did you remember to account for springs when you tested it? Did you account for the fact it starts generating a charge as soon as the first one is depleted?

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    It all depends on what your trying to achieve.

    Raw damage vs high combos.

    I have a 52 million score on Crogon Keep - Rift Lord - Survival - 1 Player - and I used both traps that you would say are the “weakest” traps in the game.
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    “One mans trash is another mans treasure.”

    ”Mm, I Love the smell of Napatha in the morning.”
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