First Person Mode

On pc you can change your camera angle but the max you can zoom in is about a half a metre behind your character.
(PC alt+scroll)

So you spend the match playing through your half visible body. Couldn't you just make it zoom into first person mode.
Then we can take beautiful screenshots and get really into killing orcs while they are in your face.

Overall it would be a new way to play this great game.


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello DaTeddyBear,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding a first person mode! I will share it with the team. And if other players want to comment on this idea, don't hesitate ;)

    French Community Manager
  • Hey teddybear! 
    I feel small enough like that as dobbin, it would be a nightmare to see anything what se ever, even walking upstairs would be annoying x)
    with bigger character it could be possible, with sometimes some switches to 3rd person, like when tundra has to use avalanche or temper charging into ennemies

  • I like this idea, but I have to agree with Brasegapok. It would be a pain with Dobbin (and to an extent Midnight since she crouches, and maybe Zoey as well, haven't played to much of her so I can't remember if her camera angle is lower as it is). Another thing is how you would see yourself attacking, mostly with the melee heroes.
  • The dobbin problem would be so funny.
    It would make you tiny against a wall of giants. This would immerse you into the game and even a single enemy attacking you would be scary.

    I do admit there would be several problems like confusion where you are on the map and even more confusion if you spin around quickly. But for experienced players it would be a new way to play a familiar game.

    This would make a fun weekly challenge if you turned off the minimap and brought you into first person. Then put you on eventide fortress with hunters and random gates opening. So you panic running around in circles finding the minions. That's my idea of fun but someone else's idea of hell.
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