Yi-Lin Discussion

Been playing Yi-Lin since she was released and I think there is really only 1 way to play her (?).  Also some other random yi-lin thoughts
  • Tempest cd reduction at T2weaver is so good.  Does anyone get anything else on her?  This seems to be the must have weaver.  Element of Speed seems like total garbage in comparison cuz at that point just get a speed pad.  Finally the element of surprise is not bad either, but the cd reduction appears to dramatically increase potential dps (Except at late rounds of endless; Imperial reach is very strong at these really late waves and with the extended AoE, massive minions, the damage can really stack up. 
  • Given that with basic rotation of her skills she generates more than enough energy, the T1 weaver for x2 the energy seems really wasteful.  Even with 2 pieces of energy dependent gear you can wait 1 tick, right click then left click and you're back in business.  I never have energy issues even running iwth ring of storms and flamewall
  • Aspect of tiger is crazy op.  1 shotting bosses left and right. Late game monster.
  • Coin Gen master.  jade sentinel by a coin gen for free gold, she can really milk it. I run with shield buff and just string the wave along for free gold.
  • T4 Blessing of Health is trash.  lmao why even bother.  If you get to the point that minions are bashing you more than your hp regen then you need to run away and just regular heal. The extra heal doesnt matter as you will die anyway. The 60s cd also makes this weaver strictly worse than the other 2 options.
  • She is kinda glitchy with jumping and holding primary attack.  She short hops like Max used to, but she kinda gets stuck and loses all her momentum.  Please look into this.  It really Fks her movment. 
  • Her E actually sucks in the minions in ever so slightly, not shown in the tutorial vid.
  • Her AoE is so good, its kinda weird.
Overall Yi-Lin is one of hte stronger new heroes introduced.  She is rather poor attacking single targets, so I recommend letting teammates clean up strays.  She makes up for it as an AoE goddess and can easily hold a chokepoint solo on most waves that would push others back. Unlike other dpsers she doesnt fall off late game as the 10% instant kill is crazy OP given her huge aoe. Shes doesnt have a lot of cc, so pair her with some cc support.  I'd like to see better weavers on her as BBBT is the best build with a few options fighting for a distant 2nd.


  • I wouldn't even consider Coin Gen tbh, Yi-Lin has to cycle her skills to play effectively, this means you're constantly producing at least 3 combos on any mob at a time, that alone makes it drop 75% extra coin, as opposed to standing still, which any hero can do.

    I don't think Aspect of Tiger's that OP, I mean, you're rotating your skills anyway so even at 10% you'd have to dilute that into your rotation so it'd happen even more rarely, I guess it depends on how you play/want to play; considering the other T3 upgrades though, I feel it's the most useful of the lot, which speaks for itself considering my previous opinion.
  • not every hero has 50% dmg mitigation. Most heroes cannot sit in front of a full hp generator and let the minions hit them wihtout healing or casting some other skill, Yi lin can and her skill is free to use and lasts indefinitely.  I agree that coin gen is not necessary, merely pointing out that yi-lin can milk coin gens for max coin with very little effort.

    At the end game if you are rotating your skills, I dont think you arent playing her correctly.  Think about it. In theory, in 10 hits that minion will be executed.  At the end game 10 normal hits will not take a large minion below 75%.  As with all dps type heroes, the damage output does not keep pace with the minion hp gain, but Yi-Lin bypasses all of that with her insta kill weaver.  I dont see her getting the same results playing her regularly with her skill rotation and trying to output as much dmg as possible.  I soloed to wave 43 on banquet hall using this strat, for the large troll/grenadier wave, I leave my kb in the hall and go outside to the troll spawns and proceed to just wack away.  Place well spaced tars to clump them together and you will kill quite a few trolls before they reach the kb. same concept on the ogre/tntarcher wave, assuming you can deal with the tnt archers. I felt i couldve made it to 45 if my traps werent garbage.
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