PS4 Endless Baths - match ending prematurely

I have been attempting to 5 star Endless Baths with some difficulty. The last 3 times I have attempted to get my 5 star, the match has suddenly ended during (but before the end of) wave 25. At first I thought something slipped into the rift, but now it has happened a few times. Has anyone else had any trouble with this?


  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello WithaZ,

     This seems like it may be due to the Timer set on endless matches to avoid crashes.

     On PS4, Once an Endless match has loaded, a default time limit of 40 minutes will be set. This timer starts as soon as a match loads, continues during breaks in-between waves, and once the 40 minute mark is reached, the match will auto-end in a Victory screen.

      While the timer may make certain maps more difficult to reach 5 Stars on, it also prevents a player from walking away from time spent in Endless matches empty handed as a result of blue screen crashes which occur later in Endless matches.

    We know this bug has been a source of immense frustration, and while this fix may not be ideal- it provides a temporary solution while our technical teams continue to search for a permanent fix as soon as possible.
  • That is the dumbest thing i've heard. The same is happening to me. Not only on endless but on some high round rift lord keys. 40 min? I'd rather have a few select people "walking" away from the game compared to the amount of people trying to beat round 45 to get the title. What incentive do i have to play the game now? AND before you judge me, I LOVE THIS GAME. I spend real money to get almost every skin for Smolder and the xi wung whatever her name is character.
  • Making a game that has challenges and modes that WILL take longer than 40 minutes, but making the game end there anyway, is beyond frustrating. It is game breaking. I have zero desire to try every map or chaos key mode when I know it can and will waste a hood amount of my time and I have zero to show for it. I'm glad I know it is an actual time limit instead of a glitch. You can have your precious server space back, as this is what it's all about in the end. I'll quit trying now. 
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there. As Czassity said this is a temporary fix that was put in place to prevent blue screen errors. Due to technical limitations PS4 users frequently crashed late into their games, causing them to lose the match they were playing and getting no reward for it. Since fixing this requires a lot of tweaking and changes that will happen over time, we put the 40 minute time limit in place so that players, while still ending the match prematurely, will also have at least the rewards for that time. We know this is extremely frustrating and the team is working on a better, permanent solution. This has nothing to do with us wanting to save server space, it is a technical issue with the PS4 version of the game.
    German Community Manager
  • Thanks for the info. Although frustrating, I can say I am glad to know I am (a) not going crazy (Who got to the rift? I don't think I saw anyone?) , and (b) to know that I will get something. I would rather get credit for 24 waves than 0. 

    I am sure you guys are working on it as best you can, keep it up. Really enjoying the game.
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