I need two people to help me make the Endless maps. I'm lvl 84.

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Hello community. i got 5 stars on the all maps 55/55, now I only have the Endless maps to finish.

I wanted your help;

As you can see I do not have the "Haymaker" and "Quarter Pounder" traps.

- Which Heroes are good for Endless that I have not got?

The heroes I own are; BloodSpike, Cygnus, Oziel, Smolder ,Tundra and Zoey*(my favorite).
What is your suggestion for me to buy heroes?

The maps I need help to make 5 stars in Endless mode are;
The Baths
Shark Island
Thuricvod Village
Crogon Keep
Eventide Fortress
The Wall

The traits that I lack are

And the Guardians i lack > https://s18.postimg.org/bnl66mq0p/gaee.jpg


  • Your T7 traps will be more effective when you add all 3 parts to them.  Best advice I can give you for Endless is to experiment with your barricade/routing strategy.  Also strongly consider your overall trap strategy as you will hit the trap cap on every map if you get to wave 25.  Don't rely on Guardians to get you to wave 25 - they are great help for surviving early waves until you get enough traps placed, but they will die and you will need to carry on without them at some point.

    I don't know about optimal hero selection.  I developed a nice trap strategy for The Wall and have played it with every hero.  I prefer playing ranged heros and originally designed my strategy with them in mind, but I actually ended up doing much, much better with the same trap design with the melee heros.  You just have to experiment a bit.

    I prefer to bring mostly damaging traps to focus on heavy minions as that's going to be your biggest issue in later waves, but depending upon the map and enemy selection (especially elementals), one or two physics traps can be helpful.
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