Disable power generator in sabotage

There's quite a few teams and players in sabotage are exploiting the use of power generators by making minions (sometimes just the one or two that survived the wave) and using aggro to make them walk back and forth from generator to generator, farming money. Makes some kind of sense from a strategic perspective (more money = more traps = more chances of winning). But it can take so long to the point wave 4 (of 8) ends at the 15 minute mark. Meanwhile the other team is just sitting around waiting and waiting for the farming team to be done.

Sabotage waiting times are already long enough as it is, ranging from 1 minute to over 30 (though I've only seen 30 or above when playing in a party of 3). Making games unnecessarily longer with this strat can do no good to the situation. Not to mention if a game lasts over 25 minutes, half of it is dead time that could've been spent playing a second match. So not only people have to wait an average of 10 minutes for a game, even in game they have to wait another 10-15 minutes of dead time while the other team farms.

So my suggestion is either remove power generators from the game (maybe unfeasible), set a trap limit for them (1 or 2 per player), or make it so they can't be resold (this should force these teams to rethink what they're doing and not just spam generators everywhere so they can abuse this strategy.) All in the interest of returning the game to the breakneck challenge it used to be.


  • Power generators can only be triggered once in a wave. So it wouldn't gain them any bonus money.
  • @damfino I've personally never seen this happen to the extent you are referring to. I imagine it would be frustrating to experiance, but it seems like an unlikely thing to come across considering how much I play sabo and that I have never seen it done. Farming a couple minions for a minute or less after a wave is done I have seen, but not to the extent that the other team is waiting an extended period of time.
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