[PS4] Wu Xing goal scrolling

'ning all,
I admit it's early-ish Sunday morning and I haven't fully woken up yet, but has anyone else noticed problems with the Wu Xing invasion goal screen? We now appear to be at goal 9, killing unchained enemies, but the goal list (Wu Xing Invasion / lower third of the screen that shows each goal, its status and my contribution) doesn't seem to want to scroll past goal 6?

Also, when the large panel says '6/9 goals', does that mean 6 of 9 goals I have participated in, or is that meant to be the current goal (if so, shouldn't it be 9/9 goals)?

Mildly confused, so maybe I'll have a few rounds of Endless to try and wake up :-)



  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Cybermoggy,

     Thank you for playing Orcs must Die! Unchained and for reporting this to us!
    After checking the PS4 on my end I also am having issues scrolling past Goal 6, and thank you for bringing this one to our attention! I'll pass this over to our technical teams to take a look into. The number of Goals for the event is over 9, and we also would want to see if we can get the total corrected at the bottom idicating the correct total of how many goals have been completed. :)
  • Lovely stuff - thanks.

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