Please Explain Moon's Reflection Upgrades

Lin is one of my favorite heros, but her first upgrade doesnt make sense to me - at least the way they are written.

Generous Moon: Does it give health and 'energy' ?Mana? to allies?


  • I'm pretty sure it doesn't give them mana, but yes it does heal other players that are nearby. I think it has about the same range as Ivy's healing aura. Not too shabby, in other words.

    It's use is kinda limited, but it's good for a bit of extra survivability when you're teamed up with other melee, tank heroes such as Hogarth or maybe Bloodspike and you are fighting in the same lane. Without the "Practices Witchcraft" trait, I found Hogarth in particular having a hard time staying in the fight, since he lacks his own health regeneration until late game. Same thing probably applies to Bionka and the "Enjoys Pain" trait.
  • Okie, thanks for responding, the description is so vague as to be meaningless for understanding what the weaver does.
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