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Good day everyone,

Simple question really.. I've bought the starter bundle straight from ingame for the usual price.

Now however, with the new steam sale.. there is also a starter bundle fairly cheap on steam itself (DLC of OMDU) with the same amount of gold, skulls, etc in it. Now, for as far as I was aware we could only buy one starter bundle..

So does this mean if I buy the DLC on steam itself right now.. would it be a waste of money or would I still be able to get the sweet, sweet skulls?

Thank you in advance,

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    Alrighty, I became impatient.. so I just bought it.

    If anyone else is looking for the answer.. its yes, you will get it again.

    So, if you havent bought the DLC from steam but did buy the starter bundle ingame.. you can still buy the DLC and get all them sweet skulls again. Oh, and the gold.. ofc. 

    So, before either OMDU realises this needs a fix or if you wish to have very cheap gold/skulls.. go buy the DLC now whilst its on sale peepz! :D


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Sprainy,

    I'm sorry to have missed your question, but I'm glad that you got yourself some extra Skulls and Gold ;)

    Keep on slaying!
    French Community Manager
  • You've missed nothing :P I just had no patience, hehe. 
    Thanks for the reply either way!  :#
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