Jade Emperor (Gender Specific Titles)

Its not a matter of political correctness for me, its just that as a Lady gamer it would be fun to have more titles that are of interest. I don't want to be a Jade "Emperor" I want to be an "Empress." XD


  • I think the PC thing nowadays is to remove anything gender specific.  So that we all might become...Pats.  I honestly don't see why they just couldn't have given two titles, one feminine and one masculine.  Though, it may be because there is no Jade Empress in what they are referencing which is either the book Journey to the West or overall Taoist beliefs( the Jade Emperor is the Taoist version of God).
  • Are we really going this way again?

    Then i want both titles for the OMD titles aswell:
    Riftlord - Riftlady
    Warmage - War Sorceress
    Apprentice kinda works for both

    and my favorite suggestion: Master - Mistress
  • @Axony Mistress - reminds me of Doctor Who when the Master does a gender swap :P

    As I said in original post. It isn't an issue of political correctness for me, but as a Lady gamer I'd appreciate more titles that interest me if there are also going to be male specific titles.

    Jade Baron - Jade Baroness
    Jade Emperor - Jade Emperess

    I see Mage as being gender neutral since there is sorcerer and sorceress for gender specific.
  • Heck I'd love a title of "The Unicorn" or "Princess" :P
  • not the "mistress" i was thinking off but i go with this one to keep it PG13.

    and i would love to have the title Princess and a pink background
  • A suggestion from another player:

    Hero specific avatars and titles (could be as simple as skins images and names) as rewards for hero specific achievements.

    Don't we all want to get rewarded for the elusive 50 kills at once with max?
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    I fully agree with @ElaMonster on this one! 

    You'll never make everyone happy.. because if you make a male/female title someone may start to mention they'd like genderfluid titles..

    But most titles, as of now when it involves a gender specifik.. its always male. 

    So solution for me would be to have more titles that dont involve gender or as mentioned, have both a male/female version. 
  • Axony said:
    and my favorite suggestion: Master - Mistress
    Please, let's keep it a family friendly game XD

    But really, if you "give both a male/female version", how about those people in between? 
    I think it's better to make it gender neutral

  • Why not just like
    Jade Ruler
    or something
    "Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"
  • @Slygorthethird that works too. My thoughts on it is that there are a bunch of gender neutral ones out there already and a few male specific. I wholly identify as a lady so it would be nice with their being male specific titles for their to be female specific ones too. I get that there are some that are gender fluid but we do have titles for those people to choose as well right now. Just not female ones right now.

    As mentioned earlier getting hero based titles from completing hero specific achievements would open up titles in a huge way and make farming those achievements more meaningful.
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    Thank you all for the feedback! Unfortunately we currently cannot offer alternate or multiple versions for each title due to technical limitations and most languages default to masculine versions when you don't want to specify a gender. However, adding titles that aren't masculine by default is a possibility for future updates. 
    German Community Manager
  • @sashimiak we aren't asking for a program that detects player gender and offers different titles for that, we are asking that if male specific titles are being handed out by ROBOT that there would be some more gender neutral or feminine titles offered as well.
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    @ElaMonster agreed.

    For example the Endless Summer event provided a number of titles and backgrounds and avatars. One of these chests could have provided a more feminine title as well as a male title. 

    The Wu xing event provided titles also. When you earned the "Emperor" title, you should also have earned the "Emperess" title. The player could then choose which one to display (or not display). 
  • I must say i agree with you guys there...i feel the titles is good but i also think there should be more for both genders....i’m a male but i honestly like more gender neutral titles....but they  most likely will come up with more titles in the future so that’s something to look forward to. :’) and amazing backgrounds. :’)
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