Please Merge Servers

It's just heartbreaking that I can't que against certain people because they play a different server, or that 2 people are sitting in the que forever waiting for a match and neither finding one because again, different servers. Is their no way for them to be merged? I think this should actually be a huge priority for ROBOT since it is already a low player base. Merging server so people wait less to find games will be a big help in for keeping people playing and building the community.


  • Hard to find games,
    Could you please unite the Queues from NA and EU servers until the player base becomes more substancial?
  • the official statement was that there is no US/EU Merge because of the higher Ping you would experience.
    I tested it and instead of ~ 15 on EU i get 30-40 on US.
    I don't know how this will be with weaker Internet and/or PCs but there is no Downside on having a slightly higher ping.
  • I play on the opposite server all the time with no issues. Heck when i play ARK survival evolved which is a beast of a game, I often play OC or EU even though my home is NA...never any issues.
  • Hehe I just posted about this too! Totally needs to be a thing! Lets make some noise!
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