Sabotage Tips and Tricks

Hey! I thoroughly enjoy sabotage and want the community to grow. Sooo....on top of watching streams and videos, here's a few common mistakes/lack of knowledge I see and solutions.

Immolation Staff
Primary function: deals damage to barricades over time, final result if staff not destroyed, barricades will be destroyed.
Secondary function :disables all traps in radius
Best use: place on a critical barricade out of opponent's line of sight. Best done at beginning of wave as high level players will have T7 barricades with Wall-building PhD Destroyed barricades is usually the easiest way to score points
Defense: if you hear "your barricades are under attack" when it doesn't make sense go check your barricades as soon as possible. Additionally, check entire map between waves for staffs.

Aura Spells
Primary function - effects heroes/traps/barricades close to targeted hero
Note: Does not effect targeted hero and are therefore pointless on 1v1 matches
Best use
- coin drain aura: when heroes are grouped together all players around target lose coin/second
- damage aura: when hero fighting in barricades or near heros/guardians. Barricades, guardians and heroes in radius of target hero take damage over time
- trap disable aura: summon when hero is fighting in kill box. All traps around hero stop functioning (does not damage barricades)
- slow aura: use with bomb spell, runners, or when heroes grouped up. Makes it difficult for other heroes near target hero to move around.
Defense: if you have an aura on you, try to move to a position where it will not damage traps or negatively effect allied heroes Sometimes the best option is to alt K or jump to heroes death and re-spawn.

Mana Drain
Primary function - all players on opposing team lose mana over time.
Note: this does not effect Lin or Temper
Best use - best summoned near beginning of wave as it takes a while to do much. Or summon when players are in trouble as they will struggle to use special abilities without mana. Keep in mind some heroes require more mana than others which results in varied effectiveness.

Bomb Spell
Primary function: destroys all barricades in radius indicated
Secondary function: deals damage to heroes and active guardians in indicated radius
Best use: summon when heroes are busy and in their killbox. This will either prevent them from getting away from barricades in time, or cause opposing team to be down a player based on defensive choices they make. Blown barricades is usually the easiest way to score points.
Defense: move to a safe position away from all barricades and ideally all heroes and guardians. If not possible, jump to your heroes death or alt K. Warning time is very short so you must move fast. If you cannot get out of the way in time, make sure it is not a critical barricade that is destroyed.

Best summons: mercenaries and bosses. Other good summons depend on opponent heroes.
- Ranged heroes: shield bearing minions
- Melee heroes: heavy damage minions
Worst summons: crogon hatchlings, kobalds, kobald pups, dwarf shamans, regular grizzlies

There is loads of other stuff but wanted to keep this somewhat concise as to be reader friendly. Hope its helpful <3


  • Good work Ela! Worth adding to take freedom trinket as it breaks Stun and Dance spells among others! Also most people place revenge rune parts in barricades and place backup cades to protect main ones so some bosses a.k.a Tubifore are not often very useful, especially given that it costs 1k gold to summon a boss. 

  • re: Bomb Spell, alt+K is not quick enough to escape the spell, so I'd advice not to rely on it. The one thing that works for a quick getaway is the teleportation ring. However, it is not always optimal to equip it (depends on which trinkets each player uses or needs for X map or Y hero) and in a couple of maps it can be a liability if there are barricades too close to the rift, such as Temple Graveyard.

    Stun/Dance spell, Polymorph chicken: these spell can sometimes win you the match, but it requires precise timing. In many games I've had people use it as soon as the wave starts, when enemies are barely out of the game, and that doesn't really do anything. Best to wait and time it when the enemy is in risk of getting overrun, trying to stop a minion that made it past the killbox, or to take them out of the fight for a few moments. In case of getting hit with polymorph chicken, you can at least take advantage of the fact that in chicken form you gain speed, so you can rush to a better offensive or defensive position and get back into the action as soon as the spell wears off.

    Knockback spell: Annoying to all players, but particularly so (and to deadly effect in some maps) against Max and Deadeye.

    Primary attack heals spell: I haven't got it with all heroes so I don't know if it's the case with all of them, but the amount of health enemies gain from your attack is typically less than the amount of damage you make, so there's no reason to step away from the fight if you're playing a hero with a medium cooldown on secondary attacks. (If they changed this spell to healing aura from chaos trials, now that would be trouble.)
  • @damfino thanks for the comment on alt K I'd forgotten they changed it so you had to hold for a period of time. Ooops!
  • Помогите понять для чего нужно заклинание "Нет агрессии". Это заклинание должно наносить вред для противника, но на практике, когда его вешали на меня - то орки просто бежали мимо меня и не пытались меня убить.  Для меня это хорошо,  для всех героев. Не могу понять -  как пользоваться этим заклинанием и для чего оно нужно?  
  • Leshii79 - I personally don't like the More/No Aggro spells, but the No Aggro card can be useful at times when played against melee heros.  It is especially useful against Hogarth who has a high natural aggro and can slow down minion waves in choke points.  The intention is ensure the hero doesn't slow down the minion wave so they get overrun.
  • Leshii79Leshii79 Member
    edited February 6
    Бернинелл сказал:
    Leshii79 - Мне лично не нравятся заклинания More / No Aggro, но карта No Aggro может быть полезна время от времени, когда играется против рукопашного боя. Это особенно полезно против Хогарта, который обладает высоким природным агро и может замедлить миньонные волны в затылочных точках. Цель состоит в том, чтобы герой не замедлял миньонную волну, чтобы они переполнились.
    Спасибо за ответ. Значит не я один понимаю бесполезность этой карточки. Возможно если это заклятие "Без агрессии" наложить на Хогарта то оно ему и навредит, в чем я сильно сомневаюсь. Но эта карточка очень часто выпадает в саботаже, а на практике использовать ее нельзя, так как она принесет только пользу противникам.  
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