Can't start any games


I just downloaded this game and havn't been able to get it running. First thing it did was crash. Second time I started it, it said I finished the tutorial, but I can't start any mission. Keeps telling me areas will unlock when they are downloaded. Ive uninstall and reinstalled 3 times. Any ideas?


  • Hey, it would be easier for anyone browsing this forum to help you if you provided your computer specs (dxdiag) and some more clear information - which version of the game are you running (standalone PC, Steam)?

    Was this the crash you were talking about or was it something else?:

    Also, a screenshot of the message you are seeing right now would be helpful.

  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Uxnhoj123,

     We do apologize you are having difficulties accessing the game! From the sounds of it you are playing on the PS4? An error may have occurred with the download or installation itself. To check if the game installed correctly:

    -From the PS4 home screen, highlight the Application and then select PlayStation Store.
    -Check if the content you are looking for appears here and is marked as installed.
    -Sometimes, content does not download and install automatically. In those cases, the download needs to be triggered manually. To do this go to the PS Store on your console and look for the item you want to install (e.g. Orcs must Die! Unchained). Once you have located the content, click the button Download.
    -If the option displays as downloaded and installed it is possible during the installation connectivity errors occurred and it did not install properly. You may need to uninstall and reinstall the game. 

     If you continue to experience disconnects or cannot load into the game please do let us know, and submit a ticket with us along with your Username and we can investigate this further for you!
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