Player level limit in Survival (ps4)

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I'm not the best at english but I hope you will understand!

I'm getting really tired of loosing games in higher level maps (Master and Rift Lord) because beginners are playing and they doesn't know what they are doing! We need a Player level limit as soon as possible! I'm at level 88 but if 1/3 is a beginner it's pretty much impossible to win in the harder maps.


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    Survival has enemies set to a particular level according to the map. The map has the suggested player level noted on it before you select it. Playing a map as only 2 people or solo, will downscale the enemies HP. 

    Unless a player is high enough level they cannot unlock or access Rift Lord maps, unless they party up with a high level player beforehand. 
  • Hopefully the new Custom games feature can be helpful. If you need help with some levels though, I play on PS4 and would be more that willing to help. I am level 87 (I think? Maybe 88?). I have a headset, and my PSN ID is WithaZ. 
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    You should be able to solo anything as a lv88 in survival, why even go matchmade?

    You're much better off building your friend list with decent people, I'd add you but I'm a PC user and there's no cross-platform atm.
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