The Problem With Sabotage

Hi everyone.

I recently came back to the game after a few months of break and noticed some changes with Sabotage and payed attention to community communication on the subject.


It is currently impossible to make a full build for sudden death without coin generators.
It used to be possible because of the large quantity of small minions.


It used to be more difficult to defend the first few waves because of the larger quantity of small minions.
Now, defending the first few waves is a joke.

Sudden Death

Sudden death used to have large quantities of small minions with no CC reduction.
Now, at least, sudden death is more difficult and it is impossible to go for 15 minutes let alone 60 minutes.
It also used to bug out the graphics, and now there are less minions so it is no longer a problem.


Sudden death is superior to the way that it used to be, but the waves until sudden death are not.


  • I actually like where Sabotage is right now in terms of the minions though larger spawns wouldn't bother me.  They aren't enough on their own to score points, but there are enough to allow a good play with cards to score.  I've played a good bit in the last couple of weeks and had some really good (ie. competitive) matches but overall, the games that made it to sudden death were definitely in the minority (I'm guessing maybe 10% of games played).
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