Dobbin's dust devil preview (holding the ability) bug

Title: Dobbin's dust devil preview (holding the ability) bug
Region: EU
any map
Reproduction Steps:

1. Launch Orcs Must Die Unchained. 
2. Login with an OMDU account. 
3. Select and start a map with dobbin as hero
4. hold the secondary ability "Dust Devil" (right click) important: do not release the ability 
5. move away from current position
7. Observe dobbin's previous position when he was preparing dust devil ability, a pile of dust appears, doing nothing
8. Release dobbin's "Dust Devil" ability
9. Observe that the previous pile of dust disappeared and that the ability works normally 

Reproduction Rate: 
10/10 attempts, works every time

Back when Siege was a thing, the dobbin's dust devil ability showed the range of the attack with a green circle around dobbin that followed him while holding the ability key and moving around. But now, dobbin's ability does not show that green circle preview around dobbin, instead, there's just a pile of dust appearing that doesn't do anything and it does not follow dobbin anymore while holding the dust devil ability.

here's a bad example of what i mean, i haven't found better footage of it (skip to 3 minutes and 29 seconds): 

By looking at the ability showcase video from dobbin's hero description/info, we can clearly see a green circle (slightly different than when siege was a thing) and not a pile of dust, making me think that something went wrong with an update.

Expected Results: 
Dobbin's dust devil ability should show the range of the ability with a green circle around dobbin that follows him when the ability is held before being used


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