Looking for more sabotage friends

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      Hello everyone, my name is ManceRader one of the NuNs community leaders. I would like to let everyone know that our community is constantly looking for active sabotage playing members, you do not have to join our guild to play with us, you can join our discord community where you will have an easier time finding sabotage members to play with. Please add me in game "ManceRader" or pm me on the forum and i can invite you to our discord community as a Guild Friend. 

       We can have fun playing together or against each other, stream our games and discuss strategies and organize events together. Every player that is interested in sabotage is welcomed, hope to see you soon! Have fun

Also please be sure to check out guild sabotage streams, check our strategies, notice our mistakes and ofc feel free to improve upon them  . Over 10 hours of sabotage streams are awaiting ^^

ManceRader, NuNs Community
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