что-то Сломалося!

Мне пишет что-то сломалося и что мой компьютер захвотили орки!!!что делать немогу играть в игру!!!


  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello DarkDickson ,

     We do apologize you are having technical issues preventing you from playing!

    We have a very thorough Knowledge Base article with steps for Server or crash-related issues here which may help:

    Please attempt these steps, and remember that we are here to help! If these errors or issues still persist for you after troubleshooting, please open a ticket with us at https://support.orcsmustdie.com so that we may help you directly. Be sure to include your DxDiag and log files per the final steps in the article listed above, and we can investigate this further for you!
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