Leaver Penalty for Staying and other Connection Penalization

Issue 1:
Not sure what is going on but mid game I occasionally, and with increasing regularity have a connection blip. Makes it a little difficult since I mostly play sabotage, but its manageable. The frustrating part is that even though it is a momentary blip and I continue the game and often win with my team, it gives me the early leaver penalty. I don't care which end the connection blip is on, but is there no way for the code to determine I actually played the whole game and not give a penalty?

Issue 2:
I have friends who come across this all the time, but for me its only happened once. If you are slow to connect in sabotage, no one gets the money. In survival the money is split between the remaining players. I've heard that this isn't done in sabotage because a few players were using this to exploit, however the money should then still go to the late entering player. It is a nightmare to try to play a sabotage game without starting money and it creates an unfair disadvantage.


  • About Issue 2, It was a lot worse before (it was full of bugs). Also yes you could call this an exploit.

    There is a simple fix. Once the team mate does spawn give them the money they should have.
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