Why are the new maps still displayed in a yellow/gold color on the map selection list?

Dear developpers,
With the 2.5 patch that added the new maps, i understood why the new maps were displayed in another color in order to make them more visible, but now that the 2.6 patch arrived and changed the client visual appearance back to what it was before i don't see the reason for keeping the yellow/gold color around the new maps on the map selection list anymore.

Is there a particular reason that i don't understand to keep it that way or is it just something forgotten?

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  • I guess, so that it marks in what "expansion" it was.  For example if we get  I don't know winter update with new winter maps, they might be blue colored. so that it signifies that it was a part of the Winter update. 

    Or something like that. Not sure myself. xD
  • Good 
  • I guess i'll never know why
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