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Hello everyone!

You have amazing ideas regarding new minions, but you don't know where to post them? Don't look any further, this is the place to share all of your creations!

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    So here i got in mind some ideas for new minions to be added to the game:

    • polymorph mages, transforming heroes into chickens, the way he would work is that when a hero gets close, he starts to launch a beam that will transform the hero if it manages to stay long enough in range, it will show an affection bar like they did for the teleportation staff. the beam ignores walls and it's range is twice as long as the aggro range of the mage. (inspiration: ratchet and clank games)
    • Armored fire/frost ogres bigger versions of regular fire/frost ogres but with an armor that resists physical damage
    • Salamanders fire fiends : replacement for orc archers on fire fiends maps that spits fast fireballs that can turn a hero on fire, deals less damage on contact than fire fiend warlocks but keeps the ennemy on fire for a longer period of time, the model can be a red and bigger/longer version of crogon hatchlings.
    • fire fiend demons that would fly (if flying minions could come back one day) and act like sapers, literrally crashing into heroes or barricades and explode (for balance issue when killed they wouldn't explode), they wouldn't cost any rift points so players could actually just ignore them when they don't present a big threat. 
    New faction that deals lighting damage, they all have a higher resistance to electrical damage, heroes killed by lighting damage explodes, dealing damage around them on a aoe.
    • warrior minions that deal lighting damage on melee attacks
    • electrical mages that launches an lighting beam on each hand to touch one hero or 2 depending on the range, each electrical beam deals a good ammount of damage (inspiration: Clash royale, electrical wizard) OR deals lighting damage that chains through every attacker, each chain dealing less damage than the last.
    • electrical elementals that could have one of those effects:
    1. their body is unstable electricity, staying close to them deals damage to the attacker, barricades not affected,they replicate like ice/earth elementals.
    2. they explode when destroyed, disabling (short disable duration) traps hit by the explosion no damage dealt to attackers, each size of the elemental have their own explosion size, from big to small, they replicate like ice/earth elementals
    3. they explode when destroyed providing electrical shield (works the same way as maximillian's) to minions hit by the explosion, each size of the elemental have their own explosion size, from big to small, they replicate like ice/earth elementals
    4. they replicate like fire elementals, the lighting creature stuns the attacker in a large explosion area for 2 seconds and deals lighting damage, the explosion do not occur if the attacker kills the lighting creature before it explodes, does not damage barricades.
    5. they levitate, ignoring floor traps, they replicate like ice/earth elementals
    • heavy minions that do not aggro heroes but have a periodic electric shield that reduces and reflects damage (works the same way than max's shield)
    • hunter minions with stun grenades, providing a 1.3 seconds stun on heroes, when he gets out of the stun, the hero is immune to the same kind of stun for 0.5 seconds in order to retreat other grenades launched (inspiration of stun effect: the darkest dungeon)
    That's all I had for now, feel free to add some other ideas yourselves down below.
  • Sand Minions:

    Mummy's: They slowly move towards the rift. Dealing physic damage when flailing their arms. When they die they leave a bandage on the ground it can trip up heroes stunning them for a second. The bandages disappear after 10 seconds.

    Sand coyotes: Hunter minions they behave like other hunters but are ammune to stunning and slowing. There special is there is a 10% chance when they die they respawn invisible. The invisibility lasts for 5 seconds canceling if they take damage or deal damage. A cool animation happens when they die exploding them into sand.

    Scorpions and Sand mages: These spawn in a pair. The scorpion is a heavy with physical resistance. When he hits you it deals poison damage forever. It will deal 1 damage per second.
    You can heal this if:
    • You can get to the rift
    • Get the cure off a sand mage
    • Use a trap with a antidote attuner

    The antidote attuner is new attuner which will heal any debuffs. (Not chaos trials or sabotage debuffs).

    The sand mages will be similiar to the other mages. But their attack is a cloud of sand. Which they throw in an arc until it hits the ground. The cloud will be like Dobbins one. Dealing damage per second and a slight slow. A sand mage will not throw another one until the previous one disappears. Killing a sand mage will drop a potion which will cure you of the scorpion's poison. If you aren't poisoned then it will heal you 10% of your health. (This maybe a bit to good but the scorpions will have the same movement speed as the mages so you will find them together.

    Boss: Crumbling Sphinx: A large sphinx statue. It is partially collapsed causing a cloud of sand to follow it around. The sand cloud will deal 10 damage per second. If the sphinx passes over a bandage left behind by a mummy then the mummy will rise again on full health. The sphinx has high health.

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    I like the sand minions idea, though the poison for the scorpion seems kinda complicated since you're forced to pair the scorpion with the mage, since big scorpions usually don't have poison, i suggest you to change it to little scorpions and heavy poison damage (which means they take a lot of damage over time) that does not have an unlimited duration, while the giant scorpions would deal massive damage, the way they would attack would be that they dash violently towards you, needle ready to strike, like real scorpions. we could have sand elementals that could reform if the smaller versions aren't completely eliminated/separated.

    the sand minions could also jam the traps much more quickly, since sand particles on mechanical things usually don't pair really well.

    for the boss minion we never had a synergy with other minions before besides healing the damaged ones and resurect them, looks pretty cool, but the fact he needs to walk on them seems pretty sad, i suggest he stops a second, like bulgod, to summon all the dead mummies on a big radius.

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    Hi guys,

    Thank you for your suggestions regarding new minions! Don't hesitate to discuss this topic further and add new ideas, I will share them with the team ;)

    French Community Manager
  • @Kulina
    Is it possible to make it a thread like the skin and traps thread? Just asking so people can share their ideas on the same place
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    French Community Manager
  • @Kulina
    Is it possible to make it a thread like the skin and traps thread? Just asking so people can share their ideas on the same place
    Uhm... where's the "traps thread" you speak of? I can't see the sticky.
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  • Waterbender minions and heroes. They take longer debuffs from frozen and are strong against fire, maybe give increased cooldowns when dealing damage to fire heroes and when water hero damages fire minions, does extra damage.
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    Let's start with a small premise first, IF I were in the designers' shoes I'd have to try and push the least used items, the first that come to mind are triggers (well, also BGH traps but we can do with the other traps for now), Lightning traps aren't exactly in the best spot right now, with the Wall Charger competing with Wall Blades, not to mention Arcane traps having Cursed Ground not doing much even when it's supposed to be the primer for any Arcane deck (atm, those are my feelings) and Dragon Lance competing with Ceiling Ballista.

    Still, I think I should suggest an extra change to promote Triggers' usage, that is, to no longer make the trigger exclusive to the specified minions, it should be a priority instead, and/or make the trap wait for said minions if it was close enough, let me explain it a bit more thoroughly:

    While trap status (ready to fire):
        check for minions in a 2x2 range centered on the trap collider's center.
        If heavy minion in range:
            set trap not to fire when light minions are on it.
        If heavy minion hits traps' original collider:
            always activate the trap

    To make up for the fact that it may not trigger while heavies circle around it without triggering it, we could give it a damage buff if activated by an heavy, perhaps turning the trap red when "standing by" to better indicate its behavior and the fact it's "supercharging".

    I'm also going to post the aforementioned suggestion in the "suggestions" section separately for more visibility.

    So, back to minion designing, how about these:

    -A big Heavy minion, possibly knightly/noble-looking (also try and think it in a Wu-Xing version), that buffs surrounding minions in a 3x3 squares area with a 50% (non-stackable) armor buff (which means -35% damage IIRC) to surrounding Light minions, also, Light minions in a 5x5 squares range rush towards the "Knightly" and try to stay in its AoE (they still can't ignore barricades).

    -Small, Light Peasant-looking minion (for the Wu-Xing version it'd be wearing an asian conical hat) that rushes towards a "Knightly" in an 8x8 range (would have to test in some maps, because some circle around the Rift and we don't want'em rushing towards that).

    The buff sounds significant enough to promote heavy triggers while Lightning traps can get big chain reactions by killing any minion in its (Knightly's) aoe.

    -Zombie orcs (although I wish this was done prior to some Halloween patch):
    Resistant to Physical, Cold and Lightning damage, weak to Fire and Arcane, they move rather slowly compared to any other minion (the slow should especially promote the use of Cursed Ground if it were to get buffed).

    -I'm intending Zombie orcs as a new type of mob, that includes runners, which wouldn't be any slower than regular ones, however the Fire weakness makes up for that and the extra health and promotes the use of Brimstone and Fire Cracker which are seeing some changes as of late.

    I've also been thinking of earth elementals lately, when it comes up I think the troublesome part is the runners spawning "late" down the path, so how about a backwards version?

    -A sedan chair (google>images it if you didn't know what that was) carried by 2 peasant-looking minions (like the ones mentioned earlier), which move fast, if dealt enough damage or flinged by traps they die, releasing a fancy/smug-looking minion previously hidden, possibly heavy or slow.

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    Slime minions
    -when walk on tar, disable tar for some seconds because it cover it with her natural liquid
    -when killed, divided like the earth element but not as fast
    -they are cute

    a poison version can be done too for more difficulty 
    and a boss made of a lot of slimes could be cool

    they may resist to some elements or physics damage too for more difficulty
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  • Eh, I'll just copy and paste my previous suggestions regarding minions.


    Imagine something like a old female orc (Grandma orcress?), carrying a wooden rolling pin on her right hand and a umbrella on her left hand (immune to damaging ceiling traps and a melee specialist?), wearing a pyjama and mumbling some random things about her past life ("Back in my days we used to get pushed away by the wind belt...!", etc.) and how today's heroes are wrong and futile.

    Another orc (maybe a new merc?) that is a reference to the Terminator movie, that keeps roaming around the map and cannot be killed by traps or hero skills. The only way to kill him is by using environmental traps or by pushing him off the map with physic traps, hero skills, etc.

    A orc wearing a max wig, pretending to be max while setting up traps around to defeat the player (!?) (With some funny lines, like "There can be only one............ awesome guy!", etc.)

    A very slow fat orc that is immune to wall traps and can even be used as a "barricade" when killed. (Maybe a way to push this dead orc around while holding F...?)

    The orc businessman. Imagine something like "If Dobbin was a orc", while wearing a tux. He doesn't do damage at all, doesn't go to the rift and his only purpose is to force players to sell traps (!) (Imagine something like, when the orc business gets close to a trap, a window pops up with "The orc businessman wants to buy (trap name here) for (coin quantity). Would you like to sell?". And if the player denies, the player will receive damage equal to half of the orc businessman's offer.) (A literal "kamikaze kobold 2.0".)

    Female orc teenager. Basically, a "kobold version" of the Gnoll Breeder -- that inflicts various status effects, not only slow. (Imagine something like a orc wearing a girly wig, that runs really fast, hugs the player while randomly rambling about life and how does the rift is awesome.)

    Here's a few more ideas.

    Elizabeth, the wandering ghost orc. "She comes from the reign of the dead... something something doesn't deal damage, roams around the map. She can distract and force players to randomly teleport around the map (think of something like a grab animation, followed by a white "blink" screen and a very quick stun.)". She fades away after some time (1 ~ 2 waves?)

    A orc (or a kobold?) carrying a some sort of "orcanized" vacuum cleaner that "sucks" coins out of players. Runs very fast, doesn't deal damage. Has a "hit-and-run" behavior. Like a "less intrusive/aggressive" version of the kamikaze kobold.

    A order wizard that summons skeleton orcs and conjures black holes that can instakill unaware/distracted heroes that steps on em.

    "The randomizer". Imagine something like a "orc scientist" of sorts, with a big head and a laser gun. Doesn't deal damage... yet his gun can force traps to change to another kind of trap... or even to change traps into a minion (even a boss!). Basically, a (much more annoying) version of the kamikaze kobold. (It's like I can hear a voice screaming.... "THEEEEE RAAAANDOOOMIIIIZZZEEEEER!" everytime it spawns.)

    Had a "creative spark" a few minutes ago while brainstorming a few new killboxes for the game, so...

    (Not really a new minion idea, but still). The introduction of "legendary minions" (Or even the first "non-minion" to the game? Since the game says that even bosses are considered minions -- so maybe it can be the "real non-minion evil badass orc?") to the game. (Imagine something like a "chance" to trigger a special event that summons a legendary minion (Screen goes black. Scary narrator voice. Etcetc.)... which is pretty much a very tough boss that takes some time to get killed and requires the player to place traps in real-time. Like, say... the "legendary minion" charges a laser beam that requires the player to place a barricade in order to block it. Or... (skill) -- (trap to counter it). And so on, so forth.). If the player gets killed (once)... this "event" ends and the legendary minion fades away and the game proceeds normally. If the player manages to kill this legendary minion -- the player will get a chest(s?) according to the chosen difficulty. And even a (very rare chance) to get a skin. (I know this is very "Diablo-like"... but the intention of this idea is to add another way for players to gain chests out of hero chest wins and chaos trials.)

    The "Kamikaze Arcane Troll". Basically, "A Troll pretending to be a kamikaze kobold". But instead of simply rushing and blowing up barricades -- It (also) spawns non-damaging clones of itself with the intention to "fool" (He is a troll. Herpderp) the player while the "real" arcane troll is rushing to the cade and blowing it up. Deals massive damage to compensate for its lack of speed. "If iMage and a Troll had a baby. While a kamikaze kobold was watching."

    The manipulator. "What if Gabby was a minion -- and she had the power to make players attack traps (just to fool em?)? Or even themselves?" Imagine something like a (very sexy? :P) female orc wielding a staff, walking very slowly but with the ability to cast a spell that changes the environment. Or the minions into... other heroes. Or the traps into minions (something to fool em, pretending they are being surprise attacked by a boss, for example. While it's only a lifeless trap). Or other players into minions (Where they can even be attacked and killed!). You get the idea.

    A mutator. Basically, a (jumpy) glob that can transform into a random minion. Something something dark matter from the dark world. Stuff like that. (Which means it can transform into a kobold, while suddenly it can transform into a... boss! While keeping hp, etc. Maybe it can have restricted/non-minion-dependant base stats to avoid the possibility of it being too OP/UP?)

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