Weekly challenge idea: the floor is lava!

Hello fellow orcs slayers!

So here i got in mind a pretty cool idea for a new weekly challenge to do: "The floor is lava!"
the rift room is the only place where the ground isn't lethal, passed that place all floor is "lava" which means that if a hero touches the ground he dies instantly.

There are pre-placed barricades around the map to jump on, heroes will need to defend the rift by jumping from platform to platform and make sure that the minions won't destroy their only way to travel through the map since the heroes won't be able to place themselves any barricade, this way we could even have sapers that will attempt to reduce the ammount of platforms for the heroes to jump on!

For more difficulty we could make sure that the only heroes available for this challenge are melee heroes with little ammount of ranged abilities:
  • Dobbin
  • Midnight
  • Blackpaw
  • Hogarth
  • Temper
  • Yi-Lin
  • Tundra
  • Bloodspike
Personnally i would choose Bloodspike, Dobbin and Temper/Blackpaw/Midnight

There can also be other platforms than barricades, like the ramparts around the borders of a map, bookshelves and other furnitures.

Ideal Maps that comes into my mind for this challenge to work are:
  • Archmage Library (prologue map), has some small platforms to walk on
  • restricted section (upstairs and downstairs gates closed)
  • Temple graveyard (with a closed gate), has some small platforms to walk on
  • Storm drain
  • Docks at eventide
  • Banquet hall (with the upstairs gate closed), that map would actually be amazing to do since there are lots of platforms and natural obstacles that restricts ennemy movement.
  • training ground (with only the 3rd gate opened which is upstairs).
  • Water garden, since we didn't get a weekly challenge on that map yet and that the map is fairly flat and has some platforms makes a good use of the water rivers as well for limitations of trap placement.

Maybe for less difficulty, the barricades will have persistant rubble when destroyed and at the end of the wave, all barricades are repaired, including the destroyed barricades. In order to make it work, the barricades needs to be really weak: a single saper should be able to destroy a barricade.

Again, for less difficulty, do not add runner types of minions (except sapers), it would be a nightmare to deal with otherwise, 
maybe remove the spawn of mercenaries as well, otherwise if you fall into the bouncer bear, you are in a really delicate situation to deal with. 

Overall, it makes defending the rift much more challenging and fun at the same time.


  • So I realized that i really liked the banquet hall for that challenge, so here's a visual of my idea


    the player dies if he touches the ground, like if he burned into lava (would be better with the fitting death text as well)


    from the rift room, the player can walk upstairs to reach a small balcony where he can jump from in order to have a faster way to come back in the game after dying/returning to the rift:


    the traps that would be allowed would be some traps that are rarely presented on these challenges, like:
    1. the Web spinner, slowing minions down, there's a few places where it can be placed on that map
    2. Saw Of arctos, making the player have a close look to the path that the minions usually take in order to punish them
    3. trip wire, same reasons as the saw of arctos
    4. fire cracker, same reasons as the saw of arctos
    5. the summoner trap and/or decoys, helping stalling the minions
    6. big game hunting arrow wall, in order to kill mercenaries and hunters
    7. arcane phaser, good early game trap, in order to kill minions fast
    8. steam vents, allowing the player to kill light minions without them destroying your platform barricade
    feel free to choose between those traps what would fit better in this challenge

    Other things that could make that challenge better: 
    1. the minions will not get "enraged" after a hero dies, making them go faster and ignore heroes, it would be a nightmare to deal with (maybe making the challenge too simple)
    2. the players will have the teleportation ring as a gear, in order to save rift points if he didn't manage to reach an ennemy in time, or else a freedom trinket, making the player able to escape in case of an ennemy slowing him down as he tries to jump to another platform
    3. i'd like to see crogon hatchlings as well, a good alternative to orc archers

    I also realized that i haven't mentionned bionka on the list of characters for this challenge, i'm pretty sorry, but i'm sure she wouldn't quite fit to that challenge in my opinion.

    I'd love to see this challenge become a reallity! Feel free to add some other ideas to make this challenge even better, i'll be glad to read all of them!

    Thanks to the developping team for this awesome game! I'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!
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