Boom barell roller drop rate.Yeah.

I am 99 lvl. And i got Boom barell roller drop fom chest only once. ONCE! For all this time. It is not normal, isn't it? When will this be fixed?


  • About as normal as my experience with it. 
  • Pretty much normal, yep. Though I found after getting about my second one, they became a more common "Epic" drop. Just take advantage of the daily deals, fastest way to get them leveled up (if you have the skulls to spare, that is).
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  • HieroGlyphHieroGlyph Member
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    Technically the fastest way to get them is from premium store trap chests. This means upgrading as many common and uncommon traps to T7 as you can to farm gibs, then using those gibs to acquire non-maxed rare/epic trap parts. The more maxed traps you own, the more duplicate drops/gibs you get, the faster you can buy premium trap chests and upgrade your rare/epic traps. If only the same was true for traits/guardians.

    EDIT: Daily deals are mostly a huge waste of skulls until you run out of traps to upgrade.
  • KjubyKjuby Member
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    All my traps are tier 6  and 7 and got them only from chests without  Daily deals . And the only Boom barrell roller is tier 3. It is not ok, cuz i am lvl 99.
    And when they will fix this trap and make it really to "roll" the barrel?
  • LemartesLemartes Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    It's the one trap you should buy from daily deals/gibs chests.

    It seems to be the only trap with this low drop rate.  No real problem with that - good to have one item harder to get than others.
  • I've been lvl 100 for a while and just got my boom barrel roller to t7, its normal and if you ask the devs it's "functioning as intended" same as how I still only have 2xp siphons when I have more than enough of every other siphon. I had 4 boom-barrel rollers drop in chests and the rest I bought from daily deals. @Kjuby why don't you just buy it from the daily deals?
  • Boom Barrel is my lowest level trap too by far and I didn't start playing this game until after it was already released.  That's awfully rare for something that's supposed to start dropping as early as War Mage difficulty, I think.
  • I've known a level 100 player that didn't get a single roller until he finally caved in and started buying it from the store.
    It's a very unique trap and I think the drop rate is fair. Maxing normal traps so they don't appear in the deals, then buying the roller from the deals is the most guaranteed way to get the trap.
  • The power up trap was actually my last one to get to T7. 
  • ElvickElvick Member
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    This trap is ridiculous. This is the ONLY trap that I have *never* had drop in any chest. I have over half of my traps at tier 7, even the other two red traps I initially bought in the deals tab I eventually got via chests [power up/drifting bowling ball]. But not this one. It's still just tier 2 [0/2]. And I haven't seen it on the deals tab in ages either.

    Sucks, because I actually really like this trap too. If it's going to be this rare, then why is it not only found in Rift Lord chests? I'd expect it to be based on how low the drop rate is. Arcane Bowling Ball and Powerup Damage are both only found in Rift Lord chests, in yet I've gotten those in chests. While I've gotten zero Boom Barrel Rollers, and they're found in three different difficulty chests.

    At least 'upgrade' it to only be found in Rift Lord so it makes sense why I never find it. As it is, it makes no sense after alllll the War Mage, allll the Master an alllllllll the Rift Lord chests I've opened to have... zero. Nada. Not a single one. At this rate I'll probably get every single character chest left and zero Boom Barrel Rollers out of them.
  • I just used my skulls to get it tier 6, it appears a lot in the daily deals but almost never on the rift lord chests, 
    just like Lemartes said: just buy them, don't hope to get them with luck.
  • SyvereSyvere Member
    I got a significant amount of BBR cards to drop from the gibs chests, and took mine from 3 to 7 in a short time.  But, I've only seen it drop from rift lord chests twice, which was enough for me to get it to rank 3.
  • Also something else that might help to get more easly boom barrels out of chests: they start dropping from war mages chests, so you might want to play war mage maps/chaos trials in order to increase the chances of getting that particular epic card since there will be less epic trap cards overall since others appears on higher "challenge levels", the only problem is that there are also less rewards, so i'm not sure what's better.
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