Cooldown of traps displayed incorrectly?

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The last patch buffed the ballista and lance with 20% dmg but nerfed the CD by 20%
But looking at the trap info it still is on 6 seconds cooldown. I am pretty sure it was at 6s before. This is either a error in the information screen or some other error. It should be at 7,2 seconds now.

Floor scorcher says in the patchnotes it should be 7,4s. Previously 6,6 but the infor says 9,2?
I don´t check every trap because I don´t know all the intended cooldowns but you guys should check this. I was trying to calculate the possible DPS of every trap but this makes it impossible ;)
Also I would prefer having a true DPS info on every trap as for example the floor launcher can do X dps but then it is on cooldown and does not do any DPS until it gets recharged. That means the overall DPS of the trap is way lower than the displayed 31. Its hard to compare all the traps in terms of DPS and Cost/DPS with some traps displaying different infos than others.


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    Thank you for posting these! I have passed them on to the team to take another look at the trap descriptions and make sure everything's up to date.
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