Stunning accumulator still working?

been testing with Flip Traps and Stunnig Accumulator and looking at the damage on “big/ Heavy mobs” with Cygnus/ Smolder and there is absolutely no damage difference.
I have been testing with normal hero attack on ps4, on more than 4 maps and comparing the floating white damage number before and after the flip trap is triggered.

any ideas ?

thank you


  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
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    It is working correctly in accordance with recent patch changes. Stunning accumulator only applies to enemies that have been flipped or thrown (ie will not apply to large enemies). 
  • AhileAhile Member
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    Could not find antthing about it in the patch notes, also it was said before “it was working as intended”
    Flip Plates still trigger under heavy/big mobs just as before, it is just the acumullator that does not apply the debuff.

    so is my testing wrong or it was “fixed”?


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  • AhileAhile Member
    Also, i thing it is the same situation with “wall spikes and stunning accumulator”, but need more testing
  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
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    Flip trap will activate no matter what steps on it (assuming no trigger parts), although it cannot throw large minions. The stunning accumulator debuff only applies to thrown minions. All physics traps are the same, none can throw large minions, and therefore stunning accumulator does not apply a debuff to them. 

    This was listed as a bug fix in patch 2.4
    • "Fixed a bug where Stunning Accumulator was affecting all minions, rather than flipped minions."
  • AhileAhile Member
    :anguished: guess my flip trap/ spike wall strategy is a few months old then.

    i just love Spike Wall but cand find a real reason to use it anywhere

    thank you!
  • Falling Folly, Thuricvod Village, Restricted Section, Crogon Keep all have some nice spots for Spike Wall. 
  • LemartesLemartes Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    So does this mean it wont work in Haymakers against large minions ?

    Part is kind of useless now.
  • Most physics traps could benefit more from a light trigger than a stunning accumulator due to this change. 
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