My problem with Temper's exploding hammer, my suggestions to improve the ability

Hello fellow orc slayers!
So i've played lots of games with Temper already, and i realized that i barely use the exploding hammer ability at all, and here are the different reasons why:

  1. It costs too much rage to play: launching that hammer removed 73 rage out of 244 available rage when i used it when i tried to maximise it's efficiency, that's way too much rage removed.
  2. it's cooldown is way too long: 7 seconds for the ability to be used again is painful
  3. the hitbox is pretty small and the area of effect is small as well, resulting in a really small ammount of minions touched
  4. the damage and damage over time of the hammer is too low: usually when i use the ability, i have around 140 rage, i do really low damage to the ennemy i'm trying to kill and the damage over time of 1-3 damage each tick is really laughable at.
  5. The ability seems less effective when used on melee range, doesn't seem to affect any ennemies what so ever (mostly order minions).
  6. it lacks upgrades, having only one upgrade available which is "hammered": 3x more damage to the ennemy it directly hits, which is pretty weak for a tier 3 upgrade
  7. the knockback isn't really useful, it makes light minions harder to kill since they spread around, temper being too slow to catch up, they'll eventually get up before Temper can attack them, and heavy minions won't care much more of the knockback.
  8. the quest with temper requires to kill too many minions with exploding hammer! 50 is a lot! 30 would be better in my opinion, so i usually skip that frustrating quest. 

In general, the hammer feels like it tries to be multiple things at the same time: the knockback of the bull rush, the damage over time of the hammer slam and the damage output upon rage of the primary attack.

my suggestion would be to change some things with the ability:

  • Removing the knockback of exploding hammer
There isn't much point to have it anyways because bull rush does the job much better, and if it's the reason of why it has such a long cooldown, i'd rather remove it.
  • Reducing the cooldown of the ability
like i said, 7 seconds is too long for this second ability to be effective, i'd rather have a faster burst damage ability, you can eighter change the cooldown in general, or give an upgrade that could allow to have a cooldown reduction for it, though, it wouldn't be worth to be taken since the other upgrades are still better
  • Making a fix ammount of rage needed to use the ability
the hammer can be used at 0 rage, it won't do any damage, there isn't much point on doing that, but while you do have rage, you do more damage, but loose a lot more rage to cast the ability, i think it would be better to have a fix ammount of rage for the ability, around 20-30 rage
  • Increase eighter the damage or the damage over time of the ability
I want an explosive hammer that can deal a good ammount of damage in order to kill a minion, it can be eighter with damage over time or damage.
Burst damage is what temper needs in order to kill a minion from a safe distance or to save the rift from a minion entering it.

  • Add upgrades for the ability
here are a few ideas for upgrades:
-Stun/Slow the minions hit by the hammer for 1.5 seconds
-The hammer can pierce through 4 more ennemies, allowing it to hit 5 ennemies.
-you can launch another exploding hammer for twice/thrice the rage cost after using exploding hammer within 3 seconds before it starts the cooldown (an upgrade that kinda works like gabriella's blink upgrade at tier 4)
-Temper gains 50 rage if he successfully hits 5 minions with exploding hammer OR Temper gains 50 rage if he successfully kills a large minion or boss with exploding hammer (counting it's damage over time as well).


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Excellent feedback and well argued! Thank you for taking the time to write this up, I have passed it along to design!
    German Community Manager
  • I would politely disagree.

    The exploding hammer is a great spell. I use it regularly I think the spell is a bit bad but if you upgrade it with Tier 3 hammered then it is awesome. It one hit kills unstable rifts at high levels also deals great damage to minions.

    The knockback isn't good but it is easy to use since the animation is so short that it takes less than a second to get back to killing.

    But many of the points make sense.
  • BrasegapokBrasegapok Member
    edited January 2
    @DaTeddyBear i usually play temper on parties with 3 people, which means that the hammer won’t do much when used. For the upgrade, i ‘d rather be able to trigger nearby traps with the E ability, which allows a really brutal damage output to ennemy minions, it’s a must have for me since it kills much more easly the minions where hammered deals massive damage to the ennemies it directly hits, which means that you can fail to land the hammer on the good target(s?) and be forced to wait 7 more seconds before using it again. 
    And then for the unstable rifts i run bgh ballistas which does the job perfectly.

    also, how much dps did you manage to land on an ennemy when using exploding hammer? Îm curious because it’s always a disapointing number to me.
  • I'm not that sure on the damage but with the upgrade. (Level 7 with 3 player party) The hammer can deal about half a trolls health bar on rift lord. Also it has a slight AoE so in large groups it has the chance to hit a few more.

    I don't think in a three player group it can one hit a rift it would require a one two to finish. But two could easily take it down.

    The upgrade requirement is a hard choice I change on different maps. With the slam the ground one instead. It depends on whether I will be running around a lot. Since Temper is so good the time spent in killboxes is rather small. Instead I run around more killing loose minions, helping allies lanes or rifts. Using the hammer throw I can move freely instead of being slowed down by the long animation of hitting the ground.

    Both are good in different circumstances one for the killbox and the other for running around.
  • Brasegapok said:

    the quest with temper requires to kill too many minions with exploding hammer! 50 is a lot! 30 would be better in my opinion, so i usually skip that frustrating quest. 

    the quest could also be changed to "hit 50 ennemies with exploding hammer" instead of killing 50 ennemies with explosive hammer like Yi-Lin's quest asking her to hit 50 ennemies with her tempest Strike ability. hitting the ennemies with exploding hammer is a lot more easier than making it their final blow
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