Weekly challenge Bug: playing alone Memory lanes keeps the minimap active

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Title: Weekly challenge Bug: playing alone Memory lanes keeps the minimap active
Weekly challenge: Memory lanes
Reproduction Steps:
  1. Launch OMDU
  2. Create a weekly challenge game: "Memory Lanes"
  3. Hit the play button if you are the only one on the game lobby
  4. The hero selected  does not matter
  5. Start the game
  6. you can clearly see that the minimap is displayed normally when ou play the weekly challenge alone.
Reproduction Rate: 5/5 attempts

So as i was discovering the weekly challenge on my own, i came up to realize that the minimap was displayed, even though the description said otherwise, so i decided to retry with other heroes, the map was still displayed, the map was only invisible when there were at least 2 players on the game.

Expected Results: 
the minimap is actually not displayed for the player

A little suggestion: Do not turn the minimap invisible, it makes communication with other players way worse: saying "we need traps here"(F4) or "help me" (F1) does not matter if we cannot see the minimap in order to see the actual information at what location it's required. Instead, i suggest you to remove the red dots showing the ennemies position instead, making communication and localization far more easier.

Thanks for this new weekly challenge, but it might need some rework before being able to actually be played with other players, communication is really hard with other players, the shielded trolls are a nightmare to deal with as Ivy since she needs to use peircing arrow from behind them, making all minions hit by the ability go towards the rift. I would rather see more Grizzlies instead.


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for the report and the suggestion! I've passed both along to the team :)
    German Community Manager
  • Also one more thing: the map layout allows the minions from the middle lane to go from both directions towards the rift, it makes everything even harder and more confusing: learning the patern to kill them gets way harder since you have to at least get rid of one of the lanes they get into before being able to kill the next arrivival of minions. I'm sure it's intentionnal but wow, it's really hard with such tanky ennemies already, adding that difficulty as well makes it almost impossible to kill minions with 3 players!
  • And allow the players to have at least a mana regeneration gear in order to keep up with the ennemies. Maybe this last request makes it too easy so feel free to ignore it if you don't like it
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for the additional suggestions! I have passed them along to Design. Since we had many complaints in the past that weekly challenges where both far too easy and far too difficult we've been trying to alternate between easier and more difficult ones to offer something for everybody. But specific feedback like this helps a lot :)
    German Community Manager
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