Pathfinding updated?

I got recently back into OMD:U and noticed some different behaviour: Pathfinding no longer seems to be using line of sight. I've been looking through the patchnotes, but couldn't find any info on it. 

Can someone confirm this? Has this been mentioned in the patchnotes?


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    It has never been line of sight. It seems to be a system with waypoints.

    This thread might be useful:
  • It has changed a number of times and I'm pretty sure at least one map the pathing was changed in the most recent patch. 
  • ElvickElvick Member
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    Plenty of maps still look like line of sight, and that was the impression I got from most maps when they would do that. Because that's what makes sense. Stables is a good example. It used to require minions to move near a barricade outside the 'church' area, then go "nope" and go back out, but now they just waltz through the big room knowing full well the shorter path is blocked. :/ Meanwhile, Shark Island still has them pathing without knowing what's blocked all over the place.

    It's annoying. I don't care what they do, but it should be consistent logic so we can understand it. It shouldn't be one way on one map, another way on another map. And it shouldn't change because no apparent reason. I prefer the line of sight impression, the waypoints can still be used to accomplish the same idea.

    And they could toss in a new Mercenary whose only job it is to come onto the map, scope out the place, then report back to update the waypoints so he can really screw up your stuff if you don't kill him before he escapes. That'd be fun. Other than the Bear, because he's glitchy and likes to destroy everything, and the annoying little trap disabler, there's no real "I have to kill them right away!" Mercenary. iMage is just annoying, assassin is just annoying [and worthless unless he spawns early game]. Unless you want to save guardian health, I suppose. Though I suppose the little dwarf shaman or w/e he is arguable. But I see him just walk alone to the rift quite a few times. Dude's dumb. And there is an audible assault on you when the knoll breeder is running around spawning those loud obnoxious buggers, but ultimately he's just annoying.
  • The issue is consistency and predictability. It's fine if a checkpoint system is being used but this information has to be conveyed to the players in an immediate and understandable manner.

    The orc ghosts can work but often they are too slow to show players how they will act when a barricade is added. As a result the orc ghosts need a pathing line added underneath them that more clearly displays their routes. This would allow the devs to keep the checkpoints invisible but give the players more information about where the orcs will travel.

    Also, it wouldn't hurt to show how ghosts are affected by physics traps, although this may need to be done as an overlay for one particular trap at a time. So if you highlight a flip trap and press the appropriate prompt, it shows the minion's launch path. As this would only work when a prompt is selected, it would be restricted to wave breaks. I feel that this would go a long way in teaching players how to use physics traps.
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