Hello, my name is Xarkies (in-game name, twitch name etc..) 

I recently started streaming the game on PS4, and really enjoying it. The only problem is the lack of "chatters/talkers" etc. ^_^ Most people come and watch in silence, plus this goes a long way for OMD!U, especially on PS4. Not sure how many people stream the game, but i'd sure like to be one of them. Even with the problems the game faces now, I still do find it fun. So, in response to that,  I was wondering if anyone who enjoys watching the game, or just has some free time to kill. Would actually stop by my channel (yes.. I know how bad this sounds D:) and possibly hang out with me, talk, have fun. But to be honest as I said. I am new, and inexperienced, but if that does not bother you. I'd love to meet you.

Another thing to mention is that currently my schedule is a bit inconsistent.. But I mostly stream during the day from 14 to 18(GMT +1(2pm to around 6pm)) With that being said, I do hope some of you give me some courage in this big vast world of "wanna be streamers". 

If you like anime, then we have a lot to talk about. Since to be fair, I am somewhat of a anime fan, with around 200 or so anime series under my belt. ^_^

This is my twitch channel:
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