PC Locks Up on Water Garden

Since the latest update (over a month ago) I have been unable to load the Water Garden map. Every other map works just fine, but when I (or the leader) starts the map I get the loading screen and the cogs just stop spinning. After waiting a long while (or killing the game process) I get the "Whoops Stinkeye" screen and I submit the data. It used to work and I don't mind not playing the map (I tell a lie it's the last map I need to 5 star on Master)

Thanks for a great game :)


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Feonyx,

    Please submit a ticket to the support by following the link below and they'll help you out:

    Be sure to include your DxDiag and log files, so that we can take a closer look into your system details for you!

    French Community Manager
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