A way to cancel or refuse the restart of a game

Dear developpers,
Could we change the way the restart mechanic works for survival? eighter by adding the validation "are you sure you want to restart the game?" like for when the player would exit a game or by adding a button "cancel" when it's already showing it's restarting? This way players will have less trouble when it comes to accidental restarts (*cough* not that i accidentally restarted my game multiple times by now *cough* *cough*)
Thanks for this awesome game! i'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!


  • Ok i admit i restart my games because i'm trying to pause the game when i cannot do it anymore since the pause button disappears after 10 minutes paused, i'd like that as well to be unclickable rather than disappearing, i would make more sense.
  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello again,

    Thank you for the suggestion! I'll share it with the team ;)

    Keep on slaying! 
    French Community Manager
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