Bodyguards/A use for consumable minions in survival

Wow it sure has been a while since I showed my face around here huh? I blame christmas and new years and my own inability to like, keep in touch with communities, anyhow, I have since over a few days had an idea on a use for consumable minions that would A. Give them an actual use outside of sabotage (Most of the community plays survival anyway) B. Would give solo players an extra assistant besides guardians (Who, while VERY useful are stationary) and C. Would let me pit minions against a boss which is just, a dream.

So, what do I mean by a "Bodyguard" well, basically, at the start of a survival (Chaos trails/weekly challenge what have you) you would have an extra slot in your toolbard/loadout to select a bodyguard, so, say I choose gnoll hunters, when I spawn in to the match, I would have a small squad of 3-4 gnoll hunters with me, as I move about the map they would just sort of try and follow me, if I encounter a group of minions, they would immediatly begin attacking them and would not stop attacking them until the either A, the group was killed B, they were killed or C, you recalled them (at which point they would just quickly make their way to you)

Being around your guards would give them and you a small buff of some kind (maybe for hunters you would do extra damage to large minions/have a slowing effect on damaged minions/bosses?)

Now, depending on what minion type it is, you would either get a small group or a single one, so, say for heavy orcs/heavy soldiers you would probably get a small group of them instead of just 4, but for mountain trolls, you would maybe get 1-2.

Bosses would cost coin to spawn (unlike normally where, if they perish, you just need to wait for a bit and they would auto respawn at the rift) bosses would need to be paid to even show up, the price would increase with each spawn, but as im sure you can imagine just having a boss around may be worth the coin.

Finally, spawning a minion after it dies would NOT use up another of the duplicates, you would only use one up per match (bosses would maybe get used up with each time you respawn them)

So! Give me your thoughts on this, I just, REALLY want to be able to have some minions under my control without having to use powers n what not

(Also if more than one player is on the server, the minions would have the same kind of icon they do when spawned in sabotage above them, just so you know if you have any left alive)
"Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Very interesting idea, I have passed the post along to Design!
    German Community Manager
  • sashimiak said:
    Very interesting idea, I have passed the post along to Design!
    I tried to make it as balanced as possible so that they are more just like
    a little extra hand
    (plus I would finally get to see heavy orcs v heavy soldiers)
    "Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"
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