Brass's cannonball shot can stun minions without damaging them

Title: Brass's cannonball shot can stun minions without damaging them
Region: EU
: In-game
: Any map with violet aura that doesn't allow heroes to come, any mode

  1. Open OMDU
  2. Start a game as Brass
  3. Pick the tier 2 upgrade "Stunning Cannonball"
  4. (optional, but can help)pick tier 4 upgrade "cannonball coming!"
  5. place Brass in front of the violet aura where minion enter in the map, where heroes aren't allowed to go to
  6. (optional but can help)Press the unchained key to get unchained once the unchained meter is full
  7. use Brass's cannonball ability (repeat if necessary)
  8. watch the minions getting stunned when they are trying to enter, they won't get damaged, only stunned

 Rate: works every time
While playing as Brass, i realized that if you start using brass's cannonball shot with her tier 2 upgrade "Stunning cannonball" on the minions that still needs to enter on the map through the violet aura that they get stunned without taking any damage, it provides the player the possibility to stall the minions without them taking damage, wasting the possibility to deal damage while using the ability as they enter the map, making the use of the unchained meter somewhat useless.
Expected Results: not allow the minions to get hit by brass's cannonball shot's stun when behind the violet aura


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for reporting this, I have passed it along!
    German Community Manager
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    It's not about the gate, happens with other skills too. Like Deadeyes Bomb with stun.

    My guess is that either the stun has a bigger area than the Damage or simply the stun is delayed a bit after/before the damage, making minions in the edge get stun but not damaged or viceversa.
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