(PS4) Bug - Temple Graveyard (Rift Lord) 5 Star Chest rewards Master Chest

Here's the screenshot that was taken as I earned it yesterday:

For comparison, the Highlands (Rift Lord) 5 Star chest:

It would also be nice if you looked at the Rift Lord Temple Graveyard Par Time, as something seems off with it. While clearing Rift Lord, here's my testing:

Gates of Thuricvod (the map before Temple Graveyard): Account Level 61, with 1 Part and no Traits (using Max). Par Time was beaten with a little over 30 seconds to spare.

Highlands (the map after Temple Graveyard): Account Level 65, with 1 Part and no Traits (using Max). Par Time was beaten with about 5 seconds to spare.

Temple Graveyard: Account Level 65. Grinder has Burning Resonator, Viscous Tar has XP Siphon and Subsidized Parts, Brimstone has XP Siphon. Traits I am using are - Bear Hugs, Killer Buzz, Sister Eaten by an Ogre, and Overachiever (using Max). I end up being 2 seconds over the Par Time.

That seems extremely inconsistent.


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    Thank you for alerting us to this! I have passed the bug on to the team as well as making a note of the Par time for design. :)
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