Weighted Random Waves

Good afternoon,

today I'd like to suggest a mode featuring randomized waves.

For anyone who has been playing this game for a while, the Rift Lord maps have become very repetitive. They used to be very nice and fresh on survival, but playing easy tier 1-9 keys on the same maps, knowing which minions are gonna spawn where and when, over and over, is tedious at the least.

What I am proposing is adding difficulty weights to every single minion / group of minions in the game and setting quantifiable difficulties for the waves themselves, so that the creatures forming those waves can be randomized.

The randomization could take place in two steps. The first one choosing the minion pool, visible in the dashboard (allowing to choose heroes and traps accordingly) and the second happening in-game (which minions from the pool are used in every separate wave, perhaps constrained, so that every minion/minion group gets used at least once).

This could make the Chaos Trials truly 'chaotic', rather than organized and boring.

Thanks for reading!


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    The only ever constraint this had was score, but score is mostly determined by the modifiers and the map order, which is already RNG, so I don't see any reason to not have more dynamic content within Chaos Trials.

    Just like Unstable Rifts have a pool of random minions in sabotage.

    Even Minion portals could open in a random order, just like they did at some point.

    Although I don't know if the whole weighting thing is too much work or if the current system really supports these kind of randomization. Knowing that most of the first waves of RL maps are just the same waves from the lower difficulty versions, I'm not sure if this could be a real thing.
  • BrasegapokBrasegapok Member
    edited January 8
    Imagine if it rolled multiple time sapers, dinamite orc archers etc... it would definetly be a chaotic madness since you’ll never know when it will happen, and i like it! 
    @Timemaster ;
    choosing randomly minions shouldn’t be such a big deal, though i’m not sure about the minion portals, imagine if you could spend an entire wave with all minion portals closed or opened at the first wave! 
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    @Brasegapok I just meant the order they open, not changing when they do. Portals always open at certain waves. 

    It was a thing in closed beta for a while. All the waves a portal would be open were respected and they were always the same wave compositions, just that the portal where those waves where coming was a different one. 

    Not sure if I managed to explain myself much better.

    Portal 1 spawns Orcs at Wave 1 and Kobolds at Wave 2.
    Portal 2 opens at wave 2 and spawns Ogres.

    If RNG changed the order, Portal 1 would open at wave 2 spawning Ogres and Portal 2 would spawn Orcs at W1 and Kobolds at W2.
  • @TimeMaster
    yeah i got it now, it would be pretty cool, would change a lot of things on certain maps where you are used to runners on one side and elementals on other (highlands comes into mind)
  • yobbobearyobbobear Member
    edited January 10
    @TimeMaster @Brasegapok  Yeah I remember in Open Beta when the order the gates would open would change. Eg Level 100 Avalanche (as maps had level numbers back then), wave one could either spawn at top of map or right gate depending on how lucky you were. 
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