Less health;more features.

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I know this isn't a "suggestion", per se... but I'd like to see more features (such as new skills, behavior, etc) to minions instead of making everything a "bullet sponge" (i.e everything has a lot of hp for a artificial feel of "difficulty" to the game.).

Like, say... ogres used to stun instead of slow, right? Why not make em stun (again) -- but only if they meet a certain condition (if there's 3 or more ogres close to each other)? Or allow kamikaze kobolds to stop chasing barricades and run towards heroes and actually throw their boom barrel behind their backs on heroes to deal twice as much damage if the hero has 20% hp left? Something like that.

That'd be cool if minions had special effects or a different behavior if they "interact" with other minions, as well. Like even light orcs can go stealth if a hunter is close by.


  • The idea is quite fun, but too much hassle to deal with on high difficulties.
    Have you tried some high tier Chaos Trails? If you do, you probably won't bother with so called "more features".
    One hit from ogre's slow almost means guaranteed death as you can't get away from the next hit, and if you are hit by a single kamikaze, BOOM! that's a guaranteed death too. 
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    You forgot to read the "Less health" part of my suggestion. Easier to kill... yet more tricky to deal with (if you pay attention.).
  • Oops, seems I did, now it makes more sense. OwO
    That's definitely a cool idea despite how much works need to put into.
    Like Bulgod can throw light orcs at you? Urza can summon fire elements? 
  • KenBear said:
    Like Bulgod can throw light orcs at you? Urza can summon fire elements? 
    Pretty much. Depending of difficulty or wave number (endless mode.)
    Hell, I'd settle up if all minions had a (very small?) chance to go "super mode" when they spawn (at higher difficulties/endless wave, of course), where they'd start hovering while going super fast and attacking super fast, as well. Like a "Super sayajin mode" of sorts.
    Just imagine a light orc spawning and then a "transformation" animation plays (orc starts screaming, muscles starts building up out of a sudden, and a yellow hair for that "ironic" reference) and then the little guy starts hovering and attacking heroes around.
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