Temple Graveyard floor level intended?

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I have come across this drop in floor level a couple of times in Temple Graveyard. It is in the section of garden close to the corridor.
In the images below you can see the grass level goes from below Ivy's knees to above Ivy's knees. There is a corresponding drop in floor level at this point. This makes it difficult to jump from the garden over the break in the railing. Given the break in the railing in there, I would assume this is intended for playes to jump over and access the unstable rift which spawns there.

Is this floor level change intended?

Normal level: https://i.imgur.com/2neQQMr.jpg (Ivy)
Dropped level: https://i.imgur.com/vyeOU4q.jpg (Ivy)
https://i.imgur.com/CuxrrIi.jpg (Brass)

It is more noticeable visually on short heroes (eg Brass).


  • что бы там перепрыгнуть через перила нужно прыгать с бордюра (с облицовочных камней), а не с травы
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    Leshii79 said:

    To jump over the railing, you need to jump from the curb (with facing stones), and not from the grass.
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  • Correct you can jump from the stone curb between the grass and the water, however this area of grass is higher than where it is closer to the wall. So whilst having a narrow half square area to jump from is nice, it would be nicer if the grass was either level or was visually different from the other grass
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