New idea: epic quests

Dear developpers,

As attached i am to the game, i find it really difficult to aquire skins for the heroes,
Could it be possible to add a new quest slot that would appear each 3/4 months named epic quest that allows players to unlock a random vanity chest?
the quest would be really hard to complete and wouldn't be possibly changed for another epic quest.
example of quests:
  1. earn 1000 stars
  2. Save 5000 rift points
  3. win 15 sabotage games (ranked)
  4. earn X coins
  5. kill X bosses
  6. use X consumables
Thanks for developping this awesome game! i'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!


  • Obtaining most skins is pretty easy, you just need to spend a bit of real money. Other than that, the daily login bonuses provide gold which you can spend on skins if you wish. 
  • @yobbobear
    the thing is that you never know if a new chest with limited time could show up and that you see an awesome skin that you want, but don’t have any gold to afford it. That’s the way i think on spending my gold.
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