More options for vanity chests hero skin/dye aquisition: pick one

Dear developpers,

Buying vanity chests always makes me disappointed when i don't get the hero i want, it's too random to be enjoyable, so here's an idea that could make the odds to obtain a specific hero skin/dye more frequently:

If you are familliar to another game called hearthstone, there's a mechanic in that game called discover: it allows to select between 3 cards the one that you want. 

If the vanity chest contains only 2 hero skins/dyes, it shows 2 instead , when 1 or 0 element is left, you obtain directly what it contains.

if it makes it too easy to obtain the skin the player desires, maybe instead of 3 elements you could select only between 2 elements.

Overall it would make a great change to the game to allow the player to have a little bit more freedom on the heroic skin/dye he obtains.

Thanks for this awesome game! i'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there, this is a very interesting idea. I have passed it along to Design :)
    German Community Manager
  • MoonsMoons Member
    I very much agree with this idea. I like skins because of the variety it adds to the game. But I don't buy any skin chests (except the imperial one) because they are just way too random for my liking. Personally I really dislike novelty/funny skins and I won't use them. That said, I ended up buying all of the Imperial chests because none of them were novelty and they all looked cool.

    A choice out of 2 or 3 draws would definitely make vanity chests more attractive to buy because it reduces the risk of players getting something they don't want.

    And as an aside, I'd love to see more 'serious' skins become available too.
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