longer pause and now account gone....

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hi .
i play this game since mid 2016 on steam and purchased also several heroes and so on . since work had to be done i took a leave for 4 months, and now since i got time again i wanted to play on steam... and here starts the odyssee...... after downloading and reinstalling from the game i had to validate my email... oka no problem..... and disater strikes... not only am i lvl 1 again but also all my purchase gone i find myself quite livid... anyone else got the same problem or knows waht i have to do to get my stuff back?


  • There was an account reset: december 2016, due to siege being removed and balance changes. Gold returned +50%.
    Progress gone forever.
    Positives: 3x as much game to play.
  • the supporter on my ticket was really helpful and i must parise their good work ! again thx for the help
  • If you were previously playing via Gameforge in the EU, Robot took over all the EU accounts and Gameforge sent out emails with a code to enable you to transfer your account. 
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