Making sabotage strategic and competitive

Currently, before every wave, sabotage gives players a choice of cards with an option to reroll one card in each category for 500 coin.  The system, even with reroll options is RNG based.

What if we had the option to play a version of sabotage where every player can choose any of the cards they own every wave, but, each card has a price to "buy" with more powerful cards costing more.  The prices can increase/scale with succeeding waves (or total coin earned by the team) and/or score differential (with losing teams getting cheaper prices).

Players then have to make some strategic choices in using their coin for traps or cards every wave.


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    Hi Berninhell,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding Sabotage! If other players want to discuss this topic further and add new ideas, don't hesitate, I will share them with the team ;)

    Keep on slaying!
    French Community Manager
  • I don't have a lot of experience on sabotage, but ain't the Card RNG make it that everyone has a chance to win?
    That's said, I don't see myself have any chance to win against a player which has infinity swiftyhooves / boomspell / chickenmorph cards if we can choose the card to play, if I don't grind hard enough (which feels like impossible) or pay money to buy the same cards.
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    What you are suggesting would probably make it even more unfair, not the opposite. Better players are able to create more money and defend better, your idea would probably make a bigger snowball effect.
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    Смысл саботажа будет в следующей - берем в бой ловушки в которых есть детали по 500 монет и + отдельную карточку на 500 монет. Тогда на 1 волне игрок будет иметь 9 500 монет, а не 3 000 стандартных. Покупаем быстрые копыта и превращение в курицу противника. Так делает каждый член команды. В начале боя сразу пускаем 3 коней и превращаем противников в курицу. И так каждую волну, если они не проиграют на первой. Если они будут бить коней баллистами, то вычисляем где стоят у них баллисты и ставим туда посохи лечения. 
  • I think trying to balance prices for all the cards would be more difficult than the current state, and I believe it would just lead to good players farming X amount of gold for the same card over and over.  I don't think I've ever felt I lost a game due to the enemy getting better cards than me, I think Sabotage is more about setting up your side of the map so you can deal with any type of threat they throw at you.  I've won countless times in Sudden Death against Swifty + polymorph while I was unlucky and had shield grizzlies + stun.
  • I think there are ways that the idea can be balanced and work.  Off the top of my head...

    - prices could be percentage based instead of a hard number.  Players that earn more coin would find the same card as more expensive than if they earned less coin.  Cards could be same price for every member of a team, or scaled by coin earned per player - not sure which would provide a better game experience overall for everyone.  The former would mean players that dominate the coin scoring hurt their teammates so they would have to really carry their team vs. having a balanced team.  The latter would mean earning more coin puts you in a better position to buy traps and an expensive card.

    - Successive purchases of the same card (per team) would get more expensive similar to how successive purchases of guardians currently gets more expensive.  I'm sure certain card combos would be "meta" for each map, but each team might only be able to afford trying the meta once or twice.

    Ken - it's currently really difficult to obtain infinite swifty/polymorph because to obtain them, you have* to win.  To use them, you have* to lose (*not 100%, but chances for each are much greater).  So, currently, if you win a lot, you get a stockpile of the single use cards which you rarely get to use.  If you lose a lot, you get to play them more frequently, but you have less chance to earn one.  Bomb spell seems to be in a sweet spot where you get them fairly regularly and you can use them regularly too, so the infinite card is easy to obtain by just playing a good bit, win or lose.
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