PS4 endless crashing

I still experience crashing when attempting PS4 endless mode on multiple maps

Yesterday I played endless Banquet Hall 3 times, all games ended in a blue screen crash. 

First crash occurred at wave 32,  traps 85/85, no direct cause seen.
Second crash occurred wave 31, traps 85/85, crashed when I activated screen to see current run time elapsed.
Third crash occurred at wave 30, traps reduced to 58/85 to see if it helped reduce lag.  No direct cause seen.

I would appreciate an update.  This isn't just repeatable, but appears unavoidable.


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there. I apologize for the issue. It sounds like you're already aware of this, but just to make sure. We have implemented a 40 minute timer that will automatically shut down endless games on PS4 to make sure players get their rewards for that time in order to prevent crashes due to technical limitations of the PS4. It sounds like instead of experiencing this 40 minute timer, you crashed on all 3 of the instances listed above and didn't receive any rewards. Did I understand that correctly?
    Regarding the 40 minute timer, there are unfortunately no concrete updates at this time. Our team is still working on it however. I know we've been saying this for a long time but it's true. 
    German Community Manager
  • TRLRTRLR Member
    You are correct on all counts.
    Crashing before the timer ends, but in the 30ish minutes range.  No rewards given or game completion logged.  I'm not clutching my pearls here.

    Is there anything I can do to reduce chance of crash in this instance?  Should I attempt to sell off traps to end at round 30? 
  • TRLRTRLR Member
    Just happened again on Eventide.
    I haven't been able to complete a full 40 min endless in a few days.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    That sounds very troublesome. Could you submit a ticket with our support and let them know about your issue and possibly add the approximate times of a few of the matches you listed here? I know it's not very helpful, but they will be able to assist you much better than I can on the forums.
    German Community Manager
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