I consider this key not do-able for solo, any suggestions?

Here I have a chaos trial rift lord key and I don't think it can be solo-ed. I soloed it until tier 11 and got these modifiers on gate of thuricvod

Anybody would have any idea how to do this? suggestions welcomed!


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    The Problem of that Map are the Earth Elementals of wave 8 I think? They come from North at the same time of the other two north gates and possibly some at south too.

    There are too many and at T12 they probably have quite a lot of HP.

    I don't see too much issue on that map with the grenades/kamikaze/rubble. But Forest Giants and Gear Disable at T12 are annoying.

    We have beaten similar keys on that map by using open killboxes without barricades, only 2 barricades at south to reroute, maybe 1 more as decoy there. Then also using a couple of BGH ballistas at mid, top of guardian, 2 can get all the rifts there, plus maybe one at south.

    The killboxes were the usual, only problem were the elementals which we usually just brute forced with some unchain or some scroll.
  • problem with rubble is the trap cap

    that map has a very small cap compared to the traps needed, if not rerouting bottom with a cade and build open killbox on both bottom lanes, the trap quota is not going to be enough

    if bottom is rerouted by a cade, kamikaze will leave tons of rubbles, then it comes the real problem, RUBBLES TAKE UP TRAP QUOTA!!!!!!

    eventually rubbles will consume trap quotas and meet the cap

    solution is simple, either increase the trap cap on this map, or make rubbles NOT use trap quota, I've suggested this several months ago and @ShadeDev said rubbles are not supposed to do that and it is a bug. 

    if it is actually a bug and not a intended feature, please fix it, thanks

  • Anybody would have any idea how to do this? suggestions welcomed!

    I wouldn't solo this but I assume you like the challenge so I won't stop you :) 
    I imagine in addition to the rubble and grenades being a pain, the lack of minimap during combat will really ruin your day in conjuction with the kamikaze kobolds and earth elementals. 

    I'd suggest Oziel. He doesn't really rely on gear to be fundamentally good, I use the gears for additional AoE. Oziel's Wraith Surge absolutely tears through minions when used in quick succession, pair this with other arcane debuffs and the Forest Giants should go down relatively easy. The "No Health and Mana Drops" don't hurt Oziel as much due to his mana gaining capability (Essence Siphon) and his health gaining capability (Vampiric Slash); which can be buffed through weaver upgrades. There is also synergy with the "Bonus Damage at Low Health" modifier, which means you can intentionally drop your health down to increase your damage. 
    The cons to Oziel would be his lack of Crowd Control and speed. 

    My standard set include: Has Ultimate Set of Tools (green), Practices Witchcraft (blue), Has a Trap Fetish (yellow) and Wall Building PhD I recommend that you tech in some other traits perhaps like: Insane Arcane Sale, Killer Buzz, High Pain Tolerance or Feeling Fierce. 

    I'd stick with viscous tar, cursed ground, dragon lance (for the arcane kit), coin forge and barricades. The rest of the loadout can be fit with other cheap traps like arrow walls and pounders so they're not as expensive. Hunter traps aren't the worst idea either considering the rifts can be hard to get to if one spawns at the top and another at the bottom. 

    This depends on how you like to play. Personally, I prefer extra coin so I use the Jade Empire Guardian. I'd also use other guardians like the Cook or the Jailer (for extra health gain), the Priest for extra mana gain) or even the Stablehand (for increased manoeuvrability against the fire mages and earth elementals). 

    This is entirely based on play style. I always use the Caffeination Potion. But I'd tech in other options like the Repair Scroll as it may save your barricades, the Speed Potion (gotta go fast) or the Experience Potion to increase your power levels (to over 9000)... 

    terrysongcn Oziel. Regardless of who you choose, good luck to you - let me know how it works out :D 
    And I'd love to read other comments and suggestions - so keep it coming folks!! 

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    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but I can't help, but get the feeling that you aren't familiar with higher CTs and while your intentions may be genuine, it feels like your suggestions wouldn't really cut it.

    Gear is disabled, so there is no need to suggest anything in that area.

    Oziel is very weak on early waves and Wraith Surge drains your mana really fast compared to how tough Forest Giants are at t11. While I essentially agree on Oziel being a decent choice for CTs, he ultimately fails on short maps like Gates of Thuricvod as soon as you reach a decent tier (10+ish).

    Moreover, with Oziel's primary leech, one doesn't really need additional healing, so slotting PhD blue (if you really want it, I'd say go for Overachiever, you won't be placing many cades) and getting neutral slot filled with more dmg seems like a way to go.

    Now, here is where it gets worse, suggesting Cursed Ground (a known meme of a trap right now, as it is VERY expensive and does VERY low dmg) is like asking for a swift loss.

    As for the OP's question, it has been answered extensively on the official discord, if anyone is interested.

  • @Narkh ;

    No, I appreciate the honest reply. Tbh, I don't solo higher CTs because it can be really tough, so it's a fair point. 

    Would Wraith Surge be more effective when used in conjunction with a mana well? 

    I was semi-aware of Cursed Ground being bad, I didn't realise it was still under powered even with Oziel's hero buff. 

    Could I get a link to that discord please? 

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    With mana siphons and a bit of micro, mana with oziel isn't a problem even spamming right click. However the fire rate makes him mostly effective against single targets only, meaning that it's not the best hero to solo such a key where you need high bursts against both, single and multiple targets.

    He might do well until some group gets through or the elementals come.

    Also adding to Narkh criticism, Jade Guardian coin generation is nearly meaningless. You definetely want a guardian that adds a lot more useful effects like the Jailer having instakills/lifeleech, Bartender Stun/CD reduction, Ranch Speed/slow.

    Traits don't do that big of a difference but Feeling Fierce is a must, it's just insanely good compared to the rest. Wall Building PHd would have been probably a good choice for this key. The rest could be maybe some cost reduction on traps or dmg/armor depending on the hero played, maybe some leech/regen.

    And I would definetely not use dragon lances on that situation. CoinForge could work but would need a quite insane work around it to make it effective and would most likely need to be replaced before midgame, which not sure if it would payoff for the trap slot.

    Consumables there are different possibilities. Discount Scroll can be gamechanger, but so can be the Unchained Scroll, Rift Scroll, Damage potion... It will depend on the playstyle and hero chosen.


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  • Gear Disables:  to bad

    dance : be aware when killing boss, 

    drop grenade,: only tunnel need barricades, so does not really apply, and take range hero perhaps

    no health drop:  bring potion 10X or Well

    mercenary on death:  dont Die !! again health potion

    extra forest giants : pew pew

    no map in combat: small map only top and bottom, run rift lord surv, and write down the spawns and order and orc.
    direction of the spawns and what side first is the same, there is ur combat map

    no mana: bring mana well or dont use hero's like Oziel

    persistent rubble: only tunnel, usually they ignore them, decoy? ( extra small barr to lure the bombs somewhere else)

    rift polymorph: kill rift / pew pew

    extra damage low health: extra damage / health potion / cygnus/ ivy/ Well/

    3x physics traps: dont use physice traps.

  • Even with expensive physics traps you could still run the Push Trap, which is your best tool vs earth elementals (well, it'd be that and Haymakers but that's just a no go at that tier for such a high cost), I always play with that specific trap in this map because it can kill light minions on the sides, usually manages to buffer earthlings' advance from north (which has multiple spots), and locks those that cross the enclosed rooms in the south.

    Consider slotting Short Springs to have easier early waves.

    Consider bringing Oziel or Cygnus as they excel in this very map, being one of the few where you could camp the Rift if needed, thus making their mana problems non-existent. Also consider the Attack-buff trap if going this way.

    Even though I suggested Oziel or Cygnus, you may want melee heroes anyway to aggro and thus slow the advance of, likely, a Giant, Blackpaw's great at that since it summons (thus aggroing more) and has more than decent sustain.

    Don't bring Cursed Ground, it's currently bugged, just search the topic.

    Viscous Tar doesn't affect Earth elementals so try to prioritize other traps when possible.

    Steamvents aren't considered physics traps for the sake of that x3debuff, though I'm not sure they could catch runners properly, could anyone test this please?

    If trap costs became a problem, consider bringin Concussive Pounders, they're really cheap and they're great, since they buff damage too.

    To mitigate the Barricade replacement cost when kamikazes spawn south, try and place some push traps there too maybe.

    Consider bringing Giants'-damage trait and damage-reduction traits if needed.
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