[New Mercenary] Coin Snatcher + more Moneybag?

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During killing Moneybag I though to myself. How does he gets money? Then I though, maybe he is stealing them from heroes and people? If he is stealing then he should have employees do to his job for him. Here is my suggestion.

A new mercenary that can drain coins from you, but if you kill him you will get all your money back. It kinda like Chaos Gremlin but instead of your traps not working, you just can't afford them. Also I think it could be a first Unchained mercenary since there is none (not sure about Breeder, he doesn't look orcs either human to me).

I also noticed there is only one map with Moneybag and I getting him on my daily quest list quite often. Want to meet him more on other maps, but I do understand he is not ordinary orcs and is keep for special events like weekly challenges. Thanks for reading this.
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